Get FREE 3GB Data via Smart Extra Load Offers

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Get Up To FREE 3GB Data via Smart Extra Load Offers

Smart Prepaid customers may now get more for their money because their regular load now includes FREE data of up to 3GB via Smart Extra Load offerings.

Get FREE 3GB Data via Smart Extra Load Offers
Get FREE 3GB Data via Smart Extra Load Offers

Subscribers to Smart Prepaid can receive 500 MB to 3 GB of open access data for FREE that they can use for all websites and apps by topping up Extra Load offerings.

Extra Load deals, which are also accessible to TNT and Smart Bro Prepaid members, start at Php75. The more money clients top up with, the more FREE data they may get right away.

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From Extra Load 75, which offers FREE 500 MB valid for one day, to Extra Load 1000, which offers FREE 3 GB good for three days, subscribers can select.

How to Get Free Data with SMART EXTRA LOAD

Using different payment methods, you can easily get Free Data through SMART Extra Load. Starting with Smart Extra Load 75 and going up to Smart Extra Load 1000, Smart prepaid users can get up to 3GB of free open access data that is good for three days.

Who is Eligible for Extra Load?

You can use Extra Load if you are a subscriber to SMART Prepaid, TNT, Smart Bro Prepaid, or Bro Prepaid Home Wi-Fi.

Smart Extra Load Denominations

The extra load you can get depends on how much you take advantage of. Extra Load starts at Extra Load 75 until Extra Load 1000.

Smart Extra Load Denominations
Smart Extra Load Denominations

How to Avail Smart Extra Load with the SMART GigaLife App

Follow these steps to get Extra Load through the SMART GigaLife app.
  1. If you haven't already, download the GigaLife app and sign up.
  2. Once you've signed up and logged in, you can see your account balance on your home screen.
  3. Tap the plus sign next to the load, and an Add Load screen will appear.
  4. Choose how much you want to pay and swipe to confirm.
  5. Once you've paid for your Extra Load, you'll receive confirmation. Enjoy!

How to Avail Smart Extra Load via the Smart Online Store

Smart Extra Load offers promos that are now available in the Smart Online Store in denominations of 100, 200, 300, 500, and 1000.
  1. Go to the Smart Online Store's website. Go to in your browser and select eLoad in the Shop.
  2. Choose the Extra Load offer you want to buy, then click Subscribe.
  3. Look over the Extra Load promo page, and click Continue.
  4. Log in as a guest to complete your transaction. To continue with your subscription, you can sign in as a "guest" to complete your payment.
  5. Credit/debit card payment option to move forward. Enter the Smart mobile number and email address, agree to Smart Prepaid's terms and conditions, and then click Continue to process the payment.
  6. The confirmation page. Once the payment is complete, a confirmation page will inform you that the load was successfully added to your mobile number. You can look at all the details of the subscription here. Also, you will get an e-receipt at the email address you gave us earlier. Enjoy!

Other Ways to Avail of Smart Extra Load

Subscribers can also go to their favorite sari-sari stores, GCASH, Maya, or convenience stores all over the country to avail of Smart Extra Load offers.

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