CHERRY Joins Shopee and Lazada 9.9 Sale

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CHERRY Joins Shopee and Lazada 9.9 Sale

As we enter our first "Ber" month, the countdown to Christmas is officially underway. Check out these CHERRY products to get a head start on your Christmas shopping and save money during the Shopee and Lazada 9.9 Sale from September 9–11, 2022.

CHERRY Joins Shopee and Lazada 9.9 Sale
CHERRY Joins Shopee 9.9 Sale

Give your loved ones iPhones and other technology items off your creative Christmas list. These suggestions are from Cherry Mobile:
  • A smartphone priced at just P1,499? That is doable! Grab the Cherry Mobile Flare S7 Lite during this 9.9 Sale for only P3,299, down from its original SRP. Due to its support for two SIM cards works best as a backup phone for hands-on entrepreneurs. With 8MP + 2MP Dual Rear & 5MP Front Cameras, it can also be utilized to capture product images and communicate them in real-time to buyers.
  • You can purchase the lovely Cherry Mobile Flare S8 Prime for just P3,999, a significant discount from its P7,999 MSRP. It has 16MP + 5MP Dual Rear & 16MP Pop-up Front Cameras for individuals who adore shooting images, and its available colors, Emerald Blue and Ocean Pearl, are ideal for charming fashionistas.
  • Give your inaanak a back-to-school necessity that is totally appropriate for his lessons. For just P2,999 (down from P3,699), purchase the Cherry Mobile Superion S2 Tab with FREE Keyboard. It has an Android 10 Go Edition operating system and a 7-inch screen, making it portable and ideal for small children and their tiny school bags.
  • Do you know a traveler? The Cherry Roam T1 Style should make the best gift. Purchase it for only P2,740 instead of P5,490 using a credit voucher card valued at P500. Up to 5 devices can connect to the internet using this small device outside the country.

CHERRY Joins Shopee and Lazada 9.9 Sale
CHERRY Joins Lazada 9.9 Sale

Homebodies will also enjoy these Cherry Home items, which are marked down sharply, in addition to mobile gadgets:
  • When given the Cherry Digital Air Fryer, available for as little as P2,499 from P3,990, what tita wouldn't jump with joy? It includes seven pre-programmed cooking settings for simpler food preparation and a healthy frying option that reduces fat by up to 80%, making it well suited for people on tight diets.
  • The upcoming cold months make it worthwhile to take extra precautions. The Cherry Ionizer with Air Purifier and Humidifier, which you can purchase for P2,499 from its original SRP of P4,000, will give your loved ones peace of mind this holiday season. It contains a 4-stage air purification process that removes 99.98% of PM 2.5 and emits up to 170 million negative ions (healthy anions) for better indoor air quality.
  • The Cherry Pet Smart Pet Fountain is available for as little as P3,499, down from P5,500. It keeps our feline and canine pals hydrated by supplying them with water filtered three times and UVC-sterilized to kill bacteria. Through the Cherry Home app on a smartphone, it may also be managed remotely.

More On September 9–11, 2022, Cherry Mobile and Cherry Home products are scheduled to fill your stocking, so be sure to save the date as soon as possible. For purchases, go to Shopee at or Lazada at

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