Nothing Ear (1) TWS Earbuds Review; Everything You Need And More

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Nothing Ear (1) TWS Earbuds Review; Everything You Need And More


Most people highly consider design and aesthetics when buying a pair of audio devices. This is something that London-based company Nothing seems to take into account as it rolled out its first true wireless earphones – the Nothing Ear (1) TWS Earbuds. And we're telling you as early as now in this review that we absolutely enjoyed our time with this pair. Read on to find out why.

Nothing Ear (1) TWS Earbuds Review; Everything You Need And More
Nothing Ear (1) TWS Earbuds Review; Everything You Need And More


The Nothing Ear (1) TWS Earbuds is a pair you'll buy just for their design alone. It comes with an eye-catching transparent look that makes it appear unique. From the earbuds down to its square case, it maintains this skeletal design that's refreshing to the eyes. For minimalist lovers, this pair is something that's fitting to your taste.

Nothing Ear (1) Case

The black packaging of the Nothing Ear (1) TWS Earbuds is also neatly pretty, with texts and labels akin to an 8-bit game. Inside the box – apart from the earbuds themselves, available in white and black – are the usual contents like extra ear tips in different sizes, documentation, and a braided USB-C cable. Personally, we think the white version of the Nothing Ear (1) TWS Earbuds is prettier than the black one.

A closer look at the Nothing Ear (1) TWS Earbuds will make you realize that they look much like the Apple AirPods Pro. Apart from ensuring that this pair is beautiful, the brand also ensured that ergonomics isn't compromised. At only 4.7 grams each, the Nothing Ear (1) TWS Earbuds are light to the ears. You won't feel any discomfort or pressure in the ears even if you use the pair for long hours. Plus, this pair is IPX4-rated, so you can use them in workouts.


Not only are the Nothing Ear (1) TWS Earbuds pleasant to the eyes, but they're also easy to use. Android users just need to open the case and click 'pair' once it prompts on their smartphones. iOS users, on the other hand, need to hold the pairing button for a few seconds, then select Nothing Ear 1 in the pairing window.

Nothing Ear (1) TWS Earbuds in White
Nothing Ear (1) TWS Earbuds in White

With the Nothing Ear (1) TWS Earbuds, you can enjoy no-fuss listening with a bunch of features for convenience. For one, this pair has in-ear detection that pauses a track when one of the earbuds is removed from the ear and resumes playing when it's put back. This might seem trivial for some, but it actually saves you from fishing your phone from your pocket from time to time just to click pause and play.

Controls are straightforward and easy to remember, too – three taps to play the next song or the previous song and a tap-and-hold to activate active noise cancellation. These actions work on either of the earbuds. Other touch controls available are play and pause and – take note of this – volume adjustment. Not too many pairs of TWS allow users to tweak volumes via touch controls, so the Nothing Ear (1) TWS Earbuds get an extra brownie point for this.

On the companion app of the Nothing Ear (1) TWS Earbuds, there aren't that many options to customize, but it covers those that are important. You can choose between four EQ presets, including balanced, voice, more bass, and more treble. As mentioned earlier, the Nothing Ear (1) TWS Earbuds support active noise cancellation. On the app, you can pick intensity levels for this – light or maximum. Another exciting feature of the Nothing Ear (1) TWS Earbuds is its 'find my earbud' function. You can do this through the app as well. When activated, the lost earbud will play a loud tone.


Being simple doesn't need to compromise anything – this is what the Nothing Ear (1) TWS Earbuds prove in terms of audio quality. While the Nothing Ear (1) TWS isn't for the bass heads, it's rich in the low and midrange frequency department. This pair is a delight to your ears if you're a fan of upbeat pop songs.

Bass isn't absent at all on the Nothing Ear (1) TWS, and this might be a good thing for some casual listeners. This pair delivers enough bass that doesn't overpower. It's evident when you listen to tracks like Post Malone's 'Sunflower,' and Queen's 'Another One Bites The Dust.'

For songs that you'd want to focus more on, the pretty vocals like Charlie Puth and Jung Kook's 'Left And Right,' the Nothing Ear 1 (TWS) also delivers. And it does without overshadowing the background instruments. With this pair, you'll also get good sound balance and a decent soundstage.

Active noise cancellation on the Nothing Ear 1 (TWS) is pretty awesome, too. You can count on this pair to let you focus on what you're doing or enjoy music without distractions in a bustling restaurant.


Nothing advertises its first true wireless earbuds as a pair lasting up to 5 hours with active noise cancellation and 6 hours of regular listening. These are somehow close to the results of our battery test. With one single charge, the Nothing Ear (1) TWS earbuds were able to last us 4 hours and 20 minutes of listening with ANC on. This pair's charging case packs an extra 30 hours of battery life, which comes in handy when you need quick refueling. Speaking of which, the Nothing Ear (1) TWS can equate a 10-minute charge to an hour of playback. Another good thing about this audio device is it's compatible with wireless charging.


Nothing Ear (1) TWS Earbuds Philippines
Nothing Ear (1) TPhilippines

The Nothing Ear (1) TWS Earbuds are a good opening salvo for the brand. Considering that this is Nothing's first attempt at audio accessories, we're excited to see what the firm will bring to the table with its upcoming releases.

Covering all the essentials you need in true wireless earbuds, this offering from Nothing is definitely a good buy. You can get the Nothing Ear (1) TWS from Digital Walker stores and its official shops on Lazada and Shopee for P5,990.

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