Impressive, immersive: Why the OPPO A77s should be your go-to device for gaming and productivity

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Impressive, immersive: Why the OPPO A77s should be your go-to device for gaming and productivity

Value for money has always been the name of the game for tech giant OPPO. For each smartphone launch, OPPO makes sure that it targets a specific market segment, giving users what they need and look for in a smartphone.

Impressive, immersive: Why the OPPO A77s should be your go-to device for gaming and productivity
Impressive, immersive: Why the OPPO A77s should be your go-to device for gaming and productivity

One of its recent launches under its well-loved A series promotes work and play balance, with its specs and features intended to bring smooth multitasking and engaging gaming. Here are the things we loved about the OPPO A77s.

Upgraded and extended memory and storage

The OPPO A77s is on the currently growing list of smartphones with extended RAM. What does this mean? Metaphorically, this means that the OPPO A77s has more room to breathe. Technically, it's good news for heavy smartphone users as an extended RAM uses internal memory and uses it as additional memory to accommodate more apps running simultaneously.

With this, the OPPO A77s carries 8GB of RAM plus an extended 8GB more available via OTA updates. This is paired with 128GB of internal storage, expandable up to 1TB via microSD card support. On top of these is a Qualcomm Snapdragon 680 that's designed to give an optimal performance while maintaining the device's power efficiency. With these at play, you're assured that the OPPO A77s can handle switching between work and game apps without the battery dying down fast.

Battery power that can keep up

Speaking of long-lasting battery, the OPPO A77s is not one to make you worry about running short of smartphone juice mid-day. With a generous 5,000mAh power, this smartphone can keep pace with a busy day – whether your agenda for the day is office work, binge-watching, or whatnot. OPPO advertises that the OPPO A77s can play over 17.5 hours of dramas, while a 5% battery can still allow you to send text messages for around 50 minutes.

Another worry that the OPPO A77s takes off our shoulders is whether it's safe to keep your smartphone charging overnight. With the OPPO A77s, you can enjoy a good night's sleep and wake up to a fully charged smartphone – ready for the day – without damaging its battery health.

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OPPO has equipped the OPPO A77s with an Optimized Night Charging feature that protects the smartphone from overcharging. According to OPPO, this feature schedules a segmented battery charging plan for battery anti-burnout through the help of artificial intelligence or AI. Plus, the OPPO A77s is supported by 33W SUPERVOOC, OPPO's own charging technology that refuels the smartphone way faster than regular charging modes.

Dual Stereo Speakers for enhanced listening

Smartphones nowadays commonly have a single down-firing loudspeaker on them, but the OPPO A77s aims to differ. As a multimedia-centric device, it's only fitting for it to have dual stereo speakers that can boost the volume by up to 200% without that cranky sound.

OPPO has tapped Swedish audio firm, Dirac, to ensure that the sound the OPPO A77s produces is of top quality, thanks to Dirac's automatic audio optimization specialty.

Dazzling display

OPPO A77s 6.56-inch HD+ IPS LCD with 90Hz refresh rate
6.56-inch HD+ IPS LCD with 90Hz refresh rate

There's nothing better than a combination of good loudspeakers and a bright display. The OPPO A77s has this combo. Its 6.56-inch HD+ IPS LCD screen is just enough – not too small and not too massive – with a 90Hz refresh rate (ideal for gaming and stutter-free scrolling) and a color-rich 96% color gamut. With these at play, a gaming session with high-quality graphics is even more enjoyable.

Photography = productivity

If you're a content creator and a productive day for you means stocking up your content bank, then you can count on the OPPO A77s to be your trusty work buddy. With this smartphone's 50-megapixel AI primary camera and bokeh depth camera, you can turn simple sceneries into remarkable moments in just a click. The primary camera of the OPPO A77s is made capable of capturing sharp 108MP photos with its Extra HD feature.

OPPO A77s 50MP Dual Rear Cameras
50MP Dual Rear Cameras

On the other hand, its specialized bokeh depth camera allows subjects in portraits to pop out with a natural-looking background blur. Selfie lovers would love this smartphone, too! The OPPO A77s has special camera modes for selfies like Selfie HDR, AI Portrait Retouching, and AI Bokeh. For videos, the OPPO A77s can record up to 1080p.

Affordable, accessible midrange smartphone

The OPPO A77s has a lot more to offer, and that's for you to discover. Get your hands on this yet another good buy from OPPO for P13,999, available in Starry Black and Sunset Orange at OPPO stores and kiosks nationwide and on its official online channels.

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