Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Cherry Mobile Announced New Superion Tablets: Discover And Voyager

Cherry Mobile Superion Tablets: Discover and Voyager

Cherry Mobile announced today on their Facebook page not one but two Superion tablets. The Discover and Voyager are tablets with full-phone functionality as well as high speed (3G) data connectivity.

As of the moment the information is very limited but according to the photo, the Discover will be a 7-inch tablet running on Android 4.2 Jellly Bean while the Voyager will pack an 8-inch XGA screen with a dual-core processor.

Price wise, the new 7' Superion will have a retail price of Php3,999 while its bigger brother will cost 1000 pesos more.

If you know more about these two tablets, please kindly share more information in the comment section below.


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