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Polaroid Announced 50-inch Ultra HD TV For USD1,000

Polaroid 4K Ultra HD TV
Polaroid 4K Ultra HD TV

Polaroid announced several new products for the CES 2014, one of them is a highly affordable (at least when compared to other brands) 50-inch Ultra HD Television for just US$1000 or about 44,000 pesos.

UHD TV has 4 times the resolution of a Full HD (1080p) TV and it is becoming the current trend in visual multimedia. This means you can get the highest picture quality, color contrast and motion fluidity at the best price.
Polaroid Roku Smart TV
Polaroid Roku Smart TV

If you have a limited budget and still wants to own a 50-inch TV, you do not need to look further because Polaroid has a 50-inch Roku Smart TV for just USD600 or about Ph26,000 pesos at today's exchange rate.

Both home entertainment appliances have 3 HDMI inputs that delivers uncompressed as well as excellent digital video and audio quality. Polaroid is also planning to release a 32" and 69" versions in the near future.

Hoping it will reach our shores soon without much difference on their price tag.


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