Thursday, January 23, 2014

Torque Mobile Droidz Mini D, Dual Core 3G Tablet With Call And Text Functions

Torque Mobile Droidz Mini D
Torque Mobile Droidz Mini D

Torque Mobile announced on their Facebook page their latest product offering - the Droidz Mini D. The company is marketing it as a "Mini" and when I saw the picture I knew why.

You can immediately tell that its design is borrowed from a well known tablet, not only that, the screen size (7.85-inch) and the XGA (1024x768) screen resolution is identical to the Apple iPad Mini.

The tablet also sports dual SIM dual standby, which means you can use it for both calling and text messaging plus it allows you to connect to the internet via 3G. The WiFi, Bluetooth and GPS are all on board.

The Mini D will be powered by a dual core processor of unknown make and will run on Android Jelly Bean. This tablet can be yours for 5,699 pesos.


  1. mini D is not a 3G tablet.... mini Q is a 3G tablet



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