Android for Beginners: Safe Mode

Anjie lou delos Reyes
Safe Mode

The Android Operating System is a relatively stable software, however like any other O/S it becomes unstable sometimes for unknown reason. The best way to troubleshoot a gadget with this type of performance issue, is using Safe Mode, a condition wherein it will boot and run only those factory default applications.

Safe Mode is intended to fix a problem within an O/S, basically it will have lesser functionality but isolation will be easy because most non-core components are disabled. If your phone works as it should be in this condition then it is safe to say that the problem could be caused by a third party application.

Android O/S is open source therefore procedure could vary from one manufacturer to another. Below two methods are proven to be working on most Jelly Bean devices I tested.

Method 1:

1. Hold down the physical power button.
2. A pop-up window will appear, press and hold the "Power Off" option on your screen.

Power Off

3. It will ask you if you want to boot to safe mode, select OK.

Reboot to safe mode
4. To confirm if you are really in the safe mode, there will be a watermark on the lower left portion of your screen. When you open your app drawer only factory installed applications are left, therefore widgets from third party apps are also not there.

Safe Mode Watermark

If the above method don't work you can follow method 2 below.

1. Turn off your device completely then turn it back on
2. While it is rebooting, press and the hold menu button (for some devices press and hold both volume up and volume down).
3. Confirm your device if it is safe mode by looking for the watermark.

To exit in safe mode, simply boot your devices as normal. If you encounter the issue again, I recommend to uninstall your third party apps one by one until the issue is resolved. If you want a one shot action, you can do a factory reset (be sure to back up your data first since everything will be lost.), however with this method you won't be able to pin point the app that is causing the malfunction.

I hope this tutorial has been informative and helpful. For feedbacks and suggestions please head on comment section below.


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