Asphalt 8: Airborne Game Review

Anjie lou delos Reyes
Asphalt 8

The Airborne is the eighth entry after nine years of Gameloft's Asphalt series. I have played Asphalt since its fourth title and I can say that Asphalt 8 is the best so far.


The biggest portion to the above picture corresponds to your garage, here you can perform car upgrades, car paints and even buy car packs (with real money). The cars are divided into 5 classes (D, C, B, A, S) with a total of 47 cars to choose from. Below it is the online ranking wherein you can upload your scores for comparison.

The upper right portion will connect to your online account using Facebook  or Google+. Below that will be the Season you are currently into, there are 8 Seasons with each season named before the Asphalt title, e.g season 7 is named heat while season 8 named airborne.


The first time you play the game it will prompt you to do the tutorial which you can play again under settings.

Flat Spin Jump
Perfect Nitro

You can activate nitro 3 times or use perfect nitro to take down opponents.

Game Play

Once you start a race, you can add  a GHOST which is basically asynchronous multiplayer. This means that you and your friends can compete when at least one of you is online. The Ghost represents how your friend actually performs the race when he/she played it.


Upgrades can be done thru your garage or before starting a race. Aside from playing career mode, you can also play Quick Solo Race or Local Wi-Fi Race. In Quick race, you can choose from 270 modes (6 Catagories x 9 Locations x 5 Class), this ensures that you won't get bored even you completed the career mode.

Game Play

The Asphalt 8 is still based on the same old game engine, but you won't  really notice it since the game has an amazing graphics not to mention that the backgrounds were completely overhauled. There are several pathways and you need to be careful to choose which path is the shortcut otherwise you will get behind your opponents. You can now also perform air maneuvering when you drift before hitting the ramp.

The game is extremely engaging and addicting filled with dynamic actions, you would want to play one track after another especially that the game is not that easy and if you want to have 5 stars in each game. You need to collect more stars since it will be your gateway to open the next season.

Overall you will get hooked on the game with its magnificent cars selections, great locations and action-filled racing.

This is the first time I wrote a game review, and honestly I really do not know what items are to be included so if you have any suggestion please kindly put in on the comment section below so I can improve it.


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