TeknoGadyet's 1001 Like On Facebook

Anjie lou delos Reyes
Facebook Page Likes

Today, I marked a milestone in my blogging career, having 1001 likes on TeknoGadyet's Facebook Page. The page was created last June 23 and with just barely 2 months and one week we are able to achieve such feat. Thanks a lot for all the support and I will continue to provide quality information, unbiased review and of course giveaway.

Aside for the Facebook, we now have more than 600 followers in Twitter.

Twitter Followers

It is not only the Facebook and Twitter achievement that I should be thankful, I also appreciate your continued patronage in my blog and we manage to hit more than 100K pageviews after 3 months.


I know these numbers are still low for some and please don't get me wrong I am not bragging them I am just overly happy and I never expect I would have overwhelming support from my readers. Again thanks a lot and cheers!!!


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  1. Galing sir Anjie... Malay mo in few years time mag number 1 na ang site mo.

  2. I've been posting on here a lot of stuff in between blogging. hacker un compte facebook

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