TeknoGadyet's Quarterly Gadget Review Roundup

Anjie lou delos Reyes
Quarterly Round-Up

Today, August 28, 2013 marks my third month in blogging the same goes with this blog. I decided to round up all the gadgets that we bought and reviewed. For those new to my site, this is your chance to know them. All in all we had 11 devices, 10 of them are phones and 1 is a tablet.

I will start the list from the oldest to the latest.

1. MyPhone A818G Duo - This is the first ever gadget I reviewed, I decided to review it since it was silently released and you can hardly find detailed information about the unit.

MyPhone A818G Duo

2. MyPhone A919i Duo - After the success of my first review, I bought its big brother A919i Duo. It was MyPhone flagship that time and their first quad core device as well.

MyPhone A919i Duo

3. SKK Mobile Silver - I was attracted to it because of its gigantic screen. It was the first unit in the local market to boast a 5.7 HD screen. It is currently the most viewed post in my blog with almost 13K views.

SKK Mobile Silver

4. SKK Mobile Radiance - a midrange device that is shadowing the SKK Silver. It has a very rich retail package.

SKK Mobile Radiance

5. Arc Mobile Nitro 450QD - this was the cheapest quad-core device that time, only Php5499. It is still the cheapest among others with MT6589 chipset.

Arc Mobile Nitro 450QD

6. SKK Mobile Skypad Ultra - the first tablet I reviewed, it has an HD screen dual core CPU and quad core GPU.

SKK Mobile Skypad Ultra

7. SKK Mobile Titanium - a 6-inch device with solid build quality, dual core CPU and rich retail package.

SKK Mobile Titanium

8. Cherry Mobile Razor - the best looking local phone I bought. It is also a very capable device with slim profile and dragon trail protected screen, the down side is a relatively small battery which is not user-replaceable.

Cherry Mobile Razor

9. SKK Mobile A3 - I only opened the box to see its content and took some photos. It was the prize for our second giveaway.

SKK Mobile A3

10. Torque Droidz Quad - it is the first quad core device from Torque Mobile, it was announced late May but only released this August.

Torque Mobile Droidz Quad

11. Arc Mobile Memo - first quad core device with built it capacitive stylus in the local scene.

Arc Mobile Memo

Below are their price breakdown during the time I acquired them:

Arc Mobile Memo - 6299
Torque Droidz Quad - 5999
Cherry Mobile Razor - 6499
SKK Mobile Titanium - 6999
SKK Mobile Skypad Ultra - 5199
Arc Mobile Nitro 450QD - 5499
SKK Mobile Radiance - 5999
SKK Mobile Silver - 9999
MyPhone A818G - 3999
MyPhone A919i - 9890
SKK Mobile A3 - 3499

In total they are worth almost 70K pesos, I never thought it would reach that much but I guess blogging is an expensive hobby not to mention time consuming. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy what I am doing and I am very happy that there are people who read my post. Thanks a lot and expect more reviews to come!!!


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  1. sir knino po ninyo binebenta mga units after ma review? :) or may fb page po ba kayu n pinagpopostan? we as readers, can support you with this blog just inform us if you will sell the units :)

    1. Hi Richard, I usually sell it via tipidcp... Thanks a lot for the support.

    2. thanks :)
      i recently got also Lenovo A3000
      7"Tablet quadcore, dualsim, 16gb, 1gbram.
      @ 9,999 i highly recommend to readers here.
      hope you can review it :)

    3. Hopefully I can... But it if you would lend your unit I can definitely do it.. LOL

  2. Tnx f0r the gadget reviews and pls. keep 0n..im 0ne 0f many avid readers.

    Als0 i'm waiting f0r y0ur FULL review of arc m0bile mem0, i'm planning t0 buy 1.


    1. Hi Radical, I really appreciate the support, please kindly bear with me for the Arc Memo review. I am here in S. Korea for work purposes and I have a little time to complete it.. Probably it will be done by Tuesday...

  3. Very Nice review. You really help a lot of Filipinos which affordable Android phones to buy. Keep blogging.

  4. The specs were not bad at all this can be a very good alternative if you can't afford those high end smartphones

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