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Monday, September 2, 2013

Contra Evolution Game Review

Contra Evolution

The Contra Evolution is a remake of the classic shooting game Contra way back in the 80's. The Punchbox Studio gave a new life on this epic game, the graphics is updated but everything is almost the same as the past version. The game is still basically run-and-shoot on a side-scrolling action.

The game is available for download at Google Play Store for only 44.11 pesos (USD 0.99).

Game Download

Once downloaded you can start the game with either arcade mode or mission mode. The main difference between the two is that the former is sequential while the latter you can opt to choose which stage/mission you want to play plus the level of difficulty.

Game Start Page
Mission Mode

There are four characters to choose from, Bill Rizer and Lance Bean are unlocked by default, Ricci Erica can be unlocked by clearing the arcade mode while Sally Inohara will be unlocked once you have 55 Gold Eagle badges in mission mode.

Character Select

The game controls are relatively easy, the upper left corner shows your lives and scores.  The virtual joystick is in the lower left, you will use it to control your character and shooting direction. You can store multiple types of bullets and use them whenever you want by tapping the lower right portion.

To go down or jump you can press the icon just above the bullet option. Above the jump icon are two special bullets, the first one will cost you diamonds while the other one will cost you coins.

The movements are very fluid, however there are times that shooting upwards, shooting at angles and ducking is relatively tricky and makes unnecessary death. Over time you will get used to the controls and would progress in the game as you wanted.

The overall game is OK, the stages are not altered I just wish that the 30 lives can still be done by Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right code but sadly there isn't.

Will you download and play one? Or will you spend your money in buying a better game like Asphalt 8? Head on comments section below for your opinion.


  1. Been playing this,
    Mga nka abot ng family computer will appreciate
    This more :). (ages 30 up will know)
    Battle city naman next na ererelease :)

  2. Up, down, up, down, left, right, left, right, A, B, A, B, start. Gagana pa ba to? hehe!

  3. Paano mag pa-load / mag pa-deposit ng google wallet?

    1. I do apologize but I do not know how..

    2. then pano po nyo nabili at na test Contra? hehe! Arr?!

  4. natapos ko na to sa family computer hahaha ......

    favor nmn po pa review ng pipo s1 pro...


  5. I LOVED Contra on the Nintendo Entertainment System, along with PUNCH OUT!!!