Cherry Mobile Flare 2X Review: Firing Up

Anjie lou delos Reyes
Cherry Mobile Flare 2x


Cherry Mobile is an undisputed local brand that released several units at a time, they are the company that has the most number of Android smartphones in their line-up. Just few weeks ago they announced their Game Changer aka New Gen devices and the Flare 2x is one of them.
The Flare and Flare 2.0 got their respective introduction but the Flare 2x did not, however among the 3 it has the best specifications. It is powered by 1.2GHz quad-core CPU, Adreno 203 GPU coupled with 1GB of RAM.

Key Specs:
  • Dual-Band GSM, Dual-Band WCDMA
  • 4.0" capacitive IPS WVGA touchscreen LCD (800x480), 2-point multi-touch
  • Android Jelly Bean 4.1.2
  • 1.2GHz Cortex-A5 Quad Core CPU, Adreno 203 GPU, Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset
  • 1GB of RAM
  • 4GB internal, expandable up to 32GB via MicroSD
  • 8MP auto focus main camera with LED Flash, Simultaneous Picture and Video Recording
  • VGA secondary camera
  • GPS with A-GPS Support
  • WiFi 802.11 b/g/n, WiFi Direct, WiFi Hotspot
  • 3.5 Audio Jack
  • Stereo FM Radio
  • Multi-media Player
  • Micro USB 2.0
  • Bluetooth
  • Sensors: Accelerometer, Light, Proximity, Sound
  • 1500mAh removable battery

Main Disadvantages:
  • Prone to finger prints and smudges
  • Only 2-point multi-touch
  • Low battery capacity


The box is the usual hard cartoon with the Flare 2x picture in front and specifications on the back. Upon removing the seal you will find the retail package which includes the unit with screen protector, battery, wired headset, charger/USB combo, manual/warranty card.

Retail Package

The front is mainly occupied by the 4-inch screen with bezels kept at minimum. Above the screen you will find the proximity and light sensors together with the front facing camera and earpiece. The capacitive keys are can be found below the screen.

Front of Flare 2x

The top houses the power key and the 3.5mm audio jack.

3.5mm Audio Jack and Power Button at the Top of Flare 2x

At the bottom there are the micro USB port and the microphone.

Micro USB and Mic at the Bottom of Flare 2x

There is nothing on the left side while on the right side has the volume rocker.

Nothing on the Left of Flare 2x
Volume Rocker at the Right of the Flare 2x

At the back we will find the 8MP comfortably placed at the center-top and beside it is the single LED flash. The middle part has the Flare 2x marking while the Cherry Mobile branding is above the loudspeaker.

Back of Flare 2x

The overall build quality is in the plasticky side, with the back cover prone to smudges and fingerprints. The sides are not metal its just chrome painted (similar to that of Samsung Galaxy S3) and might chip-off over time.


The Flare 2x has a 4-inch IPS touchscreen LCD and the viewing angles are good, sadly it is only 2-point multi-touch.

2-point Multi-touch


The Flare 2x does not have customize user interface, the UI is stock Android. The lockscreen has a padlock icon inside a circle wherein you can drag it to the right to unlock your device, swipe to the left to go straight to camera interface or drag up for Google Now.


The Homescreen has five panes (fixed), the bottom part has 5 shortcuts, the center always opens the app drawer while the remaining four can be customized depending on your needs.


Opening the app drawer will reveal 4x4 arrangement of apps while the widgets section has 2x3 layout (there is no way to rearrange them). The Play Store shortcut is always available in the upper right hand corner.

Default Apps
Default Widgets

The Notification panel is non-expandable and only has 6 quick toggle shortcuts namely WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, Mobile Data, Brightness and Auto Rotation.



The Flare series consistently uses the Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset and the Flare 2x is no exception.

Antutu Device Info

Antutu, 11476

The Antutu score is more than 11K which is 2000 lower that the MediaTek competitor, but if compared to other device with the same chipset, the score is typical.

Quadrant, 4503

The quadrant result is higher than the Cherry Mobile Razor (4503 versus 3890) and refresh rate is 56Hz.

The Nenamark2 score maxes out at 38.8 fps.

Vellamo, HTML 1289 & Metal 393

The Vellamo scores (both HTML and Metal) are lower if compared to devices running on MediaTek processor.


The Dual SIM settings let you chose which SIM card you want to disable/enable. There are no means of customizing the SIM name and only SIM1 has HSPA capability.

Dual SIM Settings


The dial pad accepts both name and number input, there are handset 1 and handset 2 icons at the bottom which corresponds to which SIM you will use in your call.


When you are engaged in a call you have the option to record it, put in a speaker, mute the call, pause or add a person on a call.

In-call Options

The call log can list all calls from all SIM cards and offers filter when you are looking for a specific log.

Call Log

The contacts under telephony have both names and numbers on it which is very useable.

Contact under Telephony

The screen automatically turns off during a call with the help of the proximity sensor. One thing I notice, the phone tends to become hot during a call and you can actually feel it in your ears. The temperature reaches at about 43 degrees.


The phonebook uses tab interface for groups, contact and favorites. The group does NOT synchronize with online contacts like Google, it only allows you to create one using phone memory.

The contact on the other hand will asks you to which account you want to save a new contact that you will create.  You can also choose which contacts/accounts to display, join similar contact from multiple account and import/export contact.



In a certain message conversation, the left portion (gray) corresponds to the recipient message while the right (blue) portion is yours. Under message settings you can specify the limits of SMS and MMS, change the notification tone of SIM1/SIM and request for delivery reports.


Like the telephony, the recipient also accepts both number and name inputs. You can attach any file you want and if you do the message will be converted to MMS.

New Message

The default keyboard is qwerty type which offers haptic feedback, spelling check and much more. If you want a different keyboard you can activate the TouchPal which is pre-installed.



The email department has both stock email app as well as Gmail client. I will not discuss it further since it is typically the same with other phones we reviewed.

Stock Email and Gmail



The gallery houses both pictures and videos which you can arrange by albums, locations or times. The upper right hand corner corresponds to the camera shortcut.

You can share any file under gallery to email, Bluetooth or online accounts.

Gallery Options

As part of Android Jelly Bean, the Flare 2x has a standard photo editor app.

Photo Editor

Video Player:

The stock video player will list all the files playable by it. The codec support is limited, I was NOT able play .MKV, .FLV and .AVI. Only .mp4 and .3gp are playable, 1080p videos can be played but with stuttering, 720p videos play smoothly though.


Music Player:

The music player will list all the playable song on your device (both on the phone storage and SD card). If a certain song has an album art it will be displayed accordingly. It also has equalizer which you can turn on/off depending how you like it.

When a song is running in the background, you can navigate through it when you are in a lockscreen unlike in other device wherein you can do it under the notification panel.

Music Interface

FM Radio:

The FM radio needs a wired headset to work, you can scan all the available stations or manually do it. There are vacant spaces below to put your favorite stations. You can also play it on loud speaker or record it if you want.

FM Radio Interface


The camera and video has only one interface. The left side corresponds to settings while on the right side you will find the video/camera toggle, the shutter key below it and the thumbnail of the last picture taken.

Camera Interface

Video Interface

The main camera can shoot 8MP still and 720p videos, while the front facing one has VGA for both photos and video. You can take a snapshot while recording a video (simultaneous video and image capture) for both the main and secondary camera.

Sample Pictures

Zoom In

For more sample photos please kindly click HERE..

Sample Video

720p, Day

720p Picture
720p, Night

The main camera offers auto focus, but unlike the other smartphone you need to press first the shutter before it starts to focus on your subject. Overall, the pictures and videos are quite OK for day to day activities, but then again it is still inferior when compare to those produced by the high-end brands.


The browser supports up to 16 tabs and has an incognito mode too. It loads web pages quickly even those with images. I side loaded Flash and it works fine too.


If in case you do not want to use the stock browser, the Opera Mini comes pre-installed.

Opera Mini


Casual games like Candy Crush, Subway Surfer and Temple Run 2 are very much playable without any hiccups. High graphics games are also playable but the FPS seems to be not as smooth compared to device with MTK chipset. One thing I am worried about is the 2-point multi-touch that could limit the choice of game.

Apology for the not-so-good video below, I just did it since I was NOT able to take screenshot while playing games.

Asphalt 8

When you have a micro SD card installed, it will become your default storage and you can now install games with large files like Asphalt 8, Dungeon Hunter 4 without worrying about running out of storage.


It supports dual band HSPA but only on SIM 1, you can share your mobile data by USB or Bluetooth tethering or by Wi-Fi hotspot.  When you connect it to your computer via USB it will ask you for 4 modes as shown below.

Connection Mode

The WiFi connections are OK, I compared the signal to a MyPhone device (same spot at the same time) and the results are below.

WiFi Signal, Flare 2x (left) and MyPhone (right)

The Bluetooth and 3.5mm Audio Jack completes the connectivity list.


The Flare 2x has Accelerometer, Light, Proximity and Sound sensors which are all functioning well and can be tested using Android Sensor Box or CPU-Z.



The productivity tools are just the basics such as Calendar, Clock, Calculator and Sound Recorded. One thing I commend is the File Browser which has Wireless Manager function wherein you can share/browse the files in your phone to a computer as long as they are connected to the same WiFi network.


World Clock
Stop Watch


Sound Recorder

File Manager


I was able to get a satellite lock under two minutes using the Google Map and Google Navigation (A-GPS is ON).



It only has 1500mAh battery and during standby mode it only eats up a small amount of juice but when playing games, it is a different story. After 30 minutes of standby and 40 minutes of playing Temple Run 2 the battery drops to 51%.

Battery Status (Mostly on Standby)
Battery Status (30 mins standby, 40 mins playing TR2)

It scored 376 on Antutu Battery Tester, which does not say much but I will start to use it to compare battery performance of the phones/tablets I will review in the future.

Antutu Battery Tester


The Cherry Mobile is consistent in including their apps to every Android phone they own. It has Fun Club, CherryPlay, E-Warranty and OTA. The only thing that seems to be useful for me is the last app.

Cherry Mobile Fun Club

Cherry Play


Google Apps

Aside from Google Map and Google Navigation, other Google apps are also installed.

Google Apps

News and Weather app is also installed, as the name suggests it is your source of News as well as Weather info.

News & Weather


The Flare 2x is the best smartphone you can find with Php4,499 price tag and nothing even comes close. The battery capacity is quite small but it is removable so you can just buy a spare one or opt for a power bank. One thing I really don't understand is the 2-point multi-touch, it was one of the main complaint on the original Flare and the Flare 2.0 has 3-point multi-touch.

I can say that the Flare 2x is worthy to be called a Game Changer, firing up all its specs while keeping the price reasonable.


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  1. Wow nice review... I own one now... and im loving it na... i love the sleek design though mejo mabilis ngang malowbat... ano pong battery na may high capacity and pwede sa flare 2x..?

    1. IPS b tlg display nito? i own one, & panget ung screen when viewing it from an above angle. nagiging dark ung screen when viewing it from above. ganon dn b unit mo?baka kasi isolated case yung saken.

    2. i dont get this idea. would you want someone snooping around on what you were doing on your phone to have a better angle. really not makin any sense.

    3. i agree with you. i just think may problema talaga screen ng unit ko, a bit distorted ung colors even just by looking at it straight-on (most colors get dark,especialy green). kelangan medyo inclined to see the real colors. the more you tilt the phone downwards the more distortion. when looking at a 45degree angle i barely can make up of what is on the screen.

    4. Yung akin naman ok lng sya.... even with the full brightness mode na sya.... siguro po ipacheck nyo po sa inyo....

    5. talgang bang 2pt lang but ung iba 3 pt daw ano ba talga??
      mabilis ba mag txt d2?

    6. @ john - sinabi na nga sa taas na ang original flare at ang flare 2x ay 2 point, ang flare 2.0 ay 3 point, bakit mo tinatanong kung ano ba talaga eh nakakabit na nga eh,, magbasa ka, magsumikap ka!

  2. sir what a nice review more power from you...

  3. Salamat po sa review! One question lang, mabilis din po bang mag-init ung flare 2x mo? Kasi po ung akin, wala pang 4mins umiinit agad ng matindi. Kakabili ko lang po nito nung Oct. 5. Sana po may makasagot. Salamat. :)

    1. kapag may kausap ka sa phone yun po ang napansin ko na umiinit

    2. same din saken, umiinit din bigla yung phone ko. kakibili ko lang sa Lazada. Ang nakakaalarma lang kc di yung battery ang umiinit, yung phone mismo (sa may bandang likuran, malapit sa camera).

    3. Same with me guys.. Should I return it? Nung October 9 ko lang binili..

    4. saken naman kahit nakawifi lang umiinit na. ok lang ba un ? o ibabalik nalang?

    5. same here. binalik ko kanina ung 1st unit na binigay saken. then ung pinalit ganun din. fuck

    6. Sa akin po di lang umiinit talagang nagbabaga kapag nanood ako ng tube8 gami to.. pre try nyo mag iinit talaga kayo... hahaha

  4. Nice review. How would you rate the battery, 1 (lowest) - 10 (highest)? How long does it last when on wifi/mobile browsing? I mean, no gaming, just a few text messages and browsing. Thanks.

  5. will it lag if i install Go Launcher Ex? thanks! anyway, im planning to buy a flare 2.0 instead of the better specifications of the flare 2x. it's because i prefer more the look of the white design than the RAM, but i do worry about lagging if i install a launcher. thanks again in advance! :)

    1. no hindi naman laggy ang 2x using with go launcher

  6. IPS b tlg display nito? i own one, & panget ung screen when viewing it from an above angle

  7. what the! 2POINT only??

  8. i share the same sentiments.... grabe kung uminit yung likod sa may upper part.. dumating pa nga sa point na kahit di ko ginagamit eh mainit and then it drains the battery quickly. isa pa, yung charging time ko is always 4 hours...

    sa nagtatanong bout go launcher ex, nakainstall din sa akin yun with go sms and go keyboard.. :))

    1. same here.. dapat ba ibalik na lang to?

  9. I have the same problem with my unit.. is it normal that the upper part of the phone gets warm easily Even when im just using it for txting?to tell you frankly i am worried, then another issue about this phone is the launcher. It crashes easily. Can anyone from cherry mobile answer this issues. It will be a great help if a representative from them will write something about this issues.

    1. ako rin eh. kakabili ko lang.. should I return it? kakabili ko lang nung Oct 9.

  10. sa ngayun eto na experience ko sa unit madaling sya ma lowbat madaling maginit,, ska napansin kolang pag naka kabit memory card nag hahang sya,,nag install ako ng go launcher ex lagi sya nag hahang pag nakabit msd kya tinanggal ko memory card ayun hnd na sya nag hahang,,,nka 2x nko nag papalit nito unit kc kalako defective pero pare parehas din ngyun under observation padin ako sa unit, hope it will help ..

  11. lahat po ba ng flare 2x madaling uminit? yung sakin din kasi ang bilis uminit dun sa may upper part. balak ko ipapalit. kaso baka ganun din.. meron ba ditong may flare 2X na hindi madaling uminit?

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. ganun din saken e, umiinit. nag palit ako ng unit, ganun din.

  12. same issue here sobra din uminit phone ko.. and gumagana ba yung data network nio ?

    1. oo open mo lang data connection mo

  13. OK naman yung samen ni widely. Umiinit lang tlaga at mabilis malowbat. Black yung 2x ko, white sa kanya

  14. Pano po mag activate ng internet? Pls help me!

  15. normal lang siguro sa flare 2x ung uminit pero pag nahanginan namn wala kagad yung init prob ko lng battery sana magbenta sila ng battery na mas mataas capacity na pede sa flare2x para naman tumagal..kc ang tgal na mag charge ang bilis pa malowbat pero ok lang siya gamitin kung txt2 tawag2 araw2 tatagal siya ng buong araw..

  16. Question: pag may bagong message or notification ka. nag-automatic wake up ba ung phone mo?? parang hindi gumagana sa phone ko or baka may settings ako na nagalaw. help!!??

  17. ganun din po sakin, madaling uminit. kpg nka charge at ginagamit tapos minsan nmn kpg hindi ko na lock nag iinit din. pero nung ginawa ko yung task killer. long press the home tapos i-slide pa left. simula nun, hindi n ganong nag iinit. may question din ako, paano po ba ayusin sa messaging ko. kc yung thread prang ngyayari kht bagong message ini-scan ko pa pataas dahil di ko makita sa baba. tapos parang sama sama yung text ko at text ng kausap ko. bkt ganun? hindi synchronize.

  18. ganun din po sakin, madaling uminit. kpg nka charge at ginagamit tapos minsan nmn kpg hindi ko na lock nag iinit din. pero nung ginawa ko yung task killer. long press the home tapos i-slide pa left. simula nun, hindi n ganong nag iinit. may question din ako, paano po ba ayusin sa messaging ko. kc yung thread prang ngyayari kht bagong message ini-scan ko pa pataas dahil di ko makita sa baba. tapos parang sama sama yung text ko at text ng kausap ko. bkt ganun? hindi synchronize.

  19. ganun din po sakin, madaling uminit. kpg nka charge at ginagamit tapos minsan nmn kpg hindi ko na lock nag iinit din. pero nung ginawa ko yung task killer. long press the home tapos i-slide pa left. simula nun, hindi n ganong nag iinit. may question din ako, paano po ba ayusin sa messaging ko. kc yung thread prang ngyayari kht bagong message ini-scan ko pa pataas dahil di ko makita sa baba. tapos parang sama sama yung text ko at text ng kausap ko. bkt ganun? hindi synchronize.

  20. salamat sa mga info.. natry niyo na po bang ipa replace unit yung flare 2x niyo dahil mabilis nga uminit?

  21. same problem din saken ;( kase pinapalit ko ganun daw tlaga :(

  22. sir full review nmn po sa apollo at cosmos z.. please....^^

  23. siguro naman sa nabasa nyo mga post, lahat umiinit same parts, kaya di na kailangang itanong...its another failure of cherry mobile...isa pa di nyo na notice pag nag iinit na o pag naka data kayo, yong touch screen nya matagal na mag react o mag malfunction kailangan mo muna e lock screen then unlock o reboot bago mo magamit ulit touch screen nya....I was so disappointed with this...

  24. Hi po. Bawal po bang gumamit ng SMS pro sa 2x? Reply naman po..

  25. hi!pano po mg panorama mode sa flare2x d ko kasi mhanap..

  26. Para sa akin po lahat ng device eh umiinit talaga. Iba naman na kapag ung init na hindi na siya mahawakan... para sa akin i consider this one as a mini laptop na... XD.. Kasi 1gb ram 1.2 Ghz at higit sa lahat Quad core pero my kulang! yung fan ng processor sa kabitan nila at gawing 2500 ung battery.

  27. same po sa akin.. nabili ko lang noong oct 19, may 7 day warranty lang sila, at ngayon ang 7th day

  28. im planning to buy this unit. is this worth it?

  29. umiinit din po phone ko what should I do? I bought this last oct.25 im worried pls reply po. thankyou

  30. hi, san po pwedeng bumili ng battery na pwede sa flare 2x? bilis ma- lowbat eh.

  31. kya nga flare 2x dba? syempre magmamana yan sa pangalan ng unit kaya madaling uminit.. FLARE nga dba? hhahahahahaahahahahahaha dobleng init pa.. flare 2x eh

  32. Yung sken nasunog kase uminit

  33. after reading the review ... parang nag alinlangan ako na e accept yung order ko na paparating ngayun galing lazada ahh !

  34. normal po mag init ung flare 1.0 and 2.0. dahil working quadcore ung procie, for a price below 5k ok na. with some "sablay specs" like sa 2point touch lang and 1,500mah na bat. 22o nga naman ang sabi nila "You Get What You Paid For" if bittin kayo sa battery. wait lang kau sa mga nag momodify. Na check ko na. same as s3 battery ung sa flare 2x. ung port lang pinag-kaiba. or pwedeng may baon kayo na Powerbank. Enjoying it!

  35. honest to goodness review. kudos to teknogadyet. yung iba review halata binayaran to sell their product.

  36. Nagdoubt tuloy akong bumili,Tnx to this website it really helps more power sir!

  37. Hi po. Kakabili ko palang neto sa lazada at nasira na agad siya. Nag white na yung screen agad niya.. At naka install ako ng GO SMS PRO sa cp ko pero di naman guamagana yung dual na sim saaken. Bawal po ba talagang lagyan ng GO SMS to? REPLY NAMAN po kayo oh. Thanks! :)

  38. Naexperience nyo na po ba ung biglang di maread ung sim?.. ano po bang dapat gawin?.

  39. i bought my flare2x last sunday and i dont see any problem aside from the heat at the back and low battery life.. i think its normal for flare2x to heat up like that aside from you're using the phone, it is a quadcore processor as well (but not to the extent that you cant touch the unit anymore).. i dont have problems with games, or websites i am accessing.. i dont experience lags or black outs yet (hope not).. so far, my unit is good.. and for a price of P3,999 (i bought it on the 3 days sale @ cherry mobile store sm north edsa annex), i think it is worthy to buy this unit. i have my experia but now im using my flare2x instead haha.. this is my first phone that is not a sony ericsson/sony.

  40. walang kwenta maganda ang specs pero on actual bagsak walang silbi di ka mkakapagbrowse ng maayos pag aplication na gamit mo napakabagal, mbilis pa malowbat nakakainis lng 3days lng ang replacement mautak talaga kumpanya nito.kakagigil.

  41. please help about wifi connection . nawawala sya kahit connected na sa wifi? paano po ba to?

  42. ask quh lng kung 3gp b tlg ang set ng video nya hnd n b pwde ichange to mp4 s settings? . .kung pwde paano?

  43. saken nwalan ng sounds ta3!

  44. Yung nabili ko, before ng 7th day pinarefund ko sha dahil nagloloko agad ang 3G signal nya.

  45. di ako pumayag na mareplace ng ibang unit kung ganun din ang problema.. refund agad ang nirequest ko. nilakasan ko boses ko sa store nila para marinig ng ibang customers. pinapapunta pa nga ako sa tech nila sa roxas blvd, lalong nagpanting tenga ko. ayun, wala silang nagawa kung refund pera ko.

  46. normal sa mga smartphones ang uminit kasi mataas ang battery usage nya compared sa bar phones.

  47. NBA 2k13 didnt work on flare 2x pero no problem s other games like dungeon hunter 4, real racing 3, need for speed most wanted flawless p

  48. my flare 2x only flashes white screen and yellow colored line and stuck there. I am suspicious that it's a virus since i plugged it with my friends computer that has virus on it. what shall i do to restore or reboot my phone since it flashes white screen only?

  49. yung saken po nawala yung vibrate options sa messages tapos silent lang yung message tone kahit ano gawin ko.

  50. sa Flare 2x ba may setting na kapag nilift ung cover magkakailaw ung screen? tnx

  51. ibig nyo po ba sabihin kapag gumamit magnetic flip cover? kung yun po tinutukoy nyo, hindi po ma uunlock ang screen kasi wala po syang hall sensor.

  52. yung akin nag reboot pano kaya tanggalin yun ?

  53. bat po wala sa music yung mga kanta ko mawala po saka yung mga pics po!!...anu po ang dapat kong gawin...SALAMAT

  54. Ayaw po magread ng sim yunh flare 2x ko. Bago lang siya. What to do? ;(

  55. I enjoy reading through a post that will make men and women think.
    Also, many thanks for allowing me to comment!

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  56. help please!!! i tried to change my phone's font, after reboot, phone got stuck on black screen... -___-

  57. SOBRANG INIT NG PHONE KO!! tapos ayaw madagdagan battery while charging

  58. ano naging solusyon mo dto ? ganyan din kse ung akin may setting lang ba ?

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