SKK Mobile Glimpse 3G Spotted, 4-inch 3G Dual Core For Php2,999

Anjie lou delos Reyes
SKK Mobile Glimpse 3G
SKK Mobile Glimpse 3G

Earlier this year we have reviewed the SKK Mobile Glimpse and two major specifications that we hoped to be improved are the size of RAM and the high speed data connectivity. These two factors were addressed by SKK Mobile with their newest phone the Glimpse 3G.

As the name suggests it is now capable of connecting to mobile internet via 3G. Also the RAM size is doubled, from 256MB it is now 512MB. The internal storage is now 4GB which is quite a big leap from just 512MB of the previous model. Other specs remain the same.

This Android phone could be yours for Php2,999 which is 600 pesos more expensive than its sibling.

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