Cherry Mobile G2 Review: Get Going

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Cherry Mobile G2 Review: Get Going
Cherry Mobile G2 Review: Get Going


The Cherry Mobile G2 is the second generation wearable device from the well-established local mobile brand. It is a wristwatch that has lots of functionality beyond just displaying time, a smartwatch that has an affordable price tag of Php1,899.


Unboxing and Hands-on Video

The retail package consists of the CM G2 unit, charger and user manual. To know more about its appearance and features, you can watch the unboxing and hands-on video we prepared above.


Cherry Mobile G2 Review: Get Going
Display, camera and loudspeaker

The front has a 1.44-inch display that has a capacitive touch panel, this means that on top showing things, you can also use it to navigate throughout the watch's interface. Above the screen you will find the Cherry Mobile and G2 logos followed by the VGA camera while far below the screen is the loudspeaker grill.

Cherry Mobile G2 Review: Get Going
Buttons, microphone and USB connector

Both the straps have pair of holes, at the end of one strap is the metal clasp while on the other strap you will find a standard USB connector cleverly hidden on its end. This USB joint goes directly to the power adapter when it is time for a recharge and to the computer's port when you want to copy/move files. There is no micro USB port nor a micro SD slot, but the good thing is that it has 4GB of internal storage. On the left side you will find 3 multifunctional buttons while on the right side there is a microphone pin hole.

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The Cherry Mobile G2 is made of almost entirely plastic, the build quality is on the average side, so we suggest you take good care of it, especially that most of its parts are not replaceable such as the USB connector. Design wise, it is quite neat and cool, however, it is a bit chunky that reduces its awesomeness.


Cherry Mobile G2 Review: Get Going

To navigate and use the G2 you have two options, either by using the touchscreen or by using the buttons. Let us start first with the latter, the black button allows you to turn on/off the device by a long press, turn on/off screen by a short press (when in the homescreen) and go back to main menu by short press (when you are on the other parts of the interface except from home). On the other hand, the middle button is used to select an item while the last button is used to navigate thru the interface.

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Meanwhile, the touch panel accepts commands on all four directions when you are in the homescreen. Swiping from the bottom going up reveals the dial pad, you can use it to remotely call someone, just take note that conversation is routed through the loudspeaker and the microphone of the G2. This means that you need to place the G2 near your mouth when talking and listen carefully on its loudspeaker. Swiping from top going down reveals the camera interface, while stroke from the left or right allows you to navigate the entire menu. Speaking of the menu, you will find the following when you swipe from the right going to the left. I also included brief descriptions about each menu for further understanding.

  • BT Device - is where you can access and pair the G2 to other devices such as Android phone, Bluetooth speaker, etc. Pairing is easy, just look for the desired device and select it from the list.
  • Remote Notifier - is the place where you can check all the notifications (such as messages and social media alerts) on your remote device. However, to start using it you need to download and install a separate app on your phone. In my case, I used Bluetooth Notice and it works just fine.
  • Audio Player - it can play audio files from your remote device or through the G2's internal storage. The musics will be played through the built-in loudspeaker or through a connected Bluetooth headset or speaker.
  • Step Counter - as the name implies, it counts the steps you made. Although not that accurate, it is still a good tool to estimate how far you have gone for a period of time.
  • Settings - here you can find and tweak options for clock, sound, volume, language, display, battery, security, Bluetooth and reset data.
  • Call History - displays the incoming, outgoing and missed calls
  • Phonebook - displays the contacts of your remote device
  • Camera - allows you to record videos and take photos, although it only has VGA sensor, it is still a welcome addition
  • File Manager - allows you to browse the items installed in the G2
  • Multimedia - allows you to view photos, watch videos and record audio
  • Tools - calendar, alarm, calculator and stopwatch

On a side note, when you are navigating through the menu, you can go back one step at a time by swiping from the top.

In terms of performance, the touchscreen interface is good enough, it reacts quickly as soon as a touch is detected. Battery wise, it can last for about two to three days on a single charge.


The Cherry Mobile G2 gives you an easy and effortless way of interacting with all sorts of notifications from your remote device. Whether it is a new SMS, Twitter mention, Facebook alert or incoming call, the G2 can handle them very well. For some, this function alone is already worth the price and with the added 4GB of internal storage, camera and productivity tool makes it one of the best bang for the buck smartwatch that you can buy.


  • 1.44-inch capacitive touchscreen display
  • Dimensions: 228mm x 38mm x 15mm
  • Weight: 66 grams
  • 4GB internal storage
  • VGA camera
  • Multimedia player
  • Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR
  • USB connector, USB mass storage mode
  • 500mAh battery
  • Splash proof
  • Price: Php1,899

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