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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

MediaTek HotKnot Feature Demo

MediaTek HotKnot Feature Demo
MediaTek HotKnot Feature Demo

HotKnot is one of the latest technology developed by MediaTek and it is getting more and more popular these days, especially from local mobile devices.

So, what is HotKnot? It is a form of near field communication, but unlike traditional NFC it does not require an antenna or RF chip. Instead, it utilizes the physics behind the capacitive touchscreen to establish a communication between the two smartphones, either by actually touching them together or when they are in close proximity.

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This feature allows transfer of files and data, such as exchange of photos, videos, contacts and more without the hassle of manually pairing your phones (e.g. via Bluetooth), thus improving the user experience.

To help you understand further, please kindly watch the video below:

HotKnot Demo/Tutorial

With the HotKnot technology being explained, is it worth the hype or just another marketing gimmick?

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