Marshall Major II Review; Interval Of A Semitone

Marshall Major II Review; Interval Of A Semitone
Marshall Major II Review; Interval Of A Semitone


Marshall is a name synonymous to top quality audio products that it’s already a no-brainer to buy them whenever their headphones and guitar amps go on sale. With clean and powerful audio performance, Marshall’s products are easily the boon for anyone looking to get into a proper gear for the listening needs. Now, with that said, we’ve taken the Marshall Major II for a spin, and we’ve been pleased thus far with its performance.


Marshall Major II Inclusions
Marshall Major II Inclusions

The Marshall Major II arrives in a very simple and compact packaging. Presentation is minimalist and classy, and it’s done in classic Marshall fashion. Once you open up the box, there’s the headset itself, as well as a User Guide that you likely won’t be using anytime soon. There are no extra cables, which could come in handy since anything extra would be really fine. While not exactly a deal breaker in itself, it would have been a nice bonus.


Marshall Major II Hardware
Marshall Major II Hardware

In terms of design and aesthetics, the Major II emulates the appearance of the company’s guitar amplifiers. The unit that we have is colored Pitch Black, and it looks downright elegant from any angle. However, while it delivers on the visuals department, it’s somewhat lacking in the material it’s made of. The Major II is mostly made up of plastic with matte surface. It’s durable, so to speak, but it’s missing the solid feel. Also, do keep in mind that Marshall going with plastic would also give the Major II its light weight, and it really feels comfortable even when used extensively.
The Major II also comes with a detachable coiled cable that you can plug into either side.

Furthermore, it also has an in-line microphone that can be used for calls. Thankfully, it’s compatible with both Android and iOS, so you won’t be left either way.

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In terms of performance, the Major II greatly shines. It delivers a natural-sounding effect, and the bass is quite pronounced, especially on tracks that feature it heavily. Audio quality also doesn’t distort when you crank the volume all the way to the maximum. CHVRCHES’ ‘Gun,’ a bass-heavy synth pop track sounds rich with the vocals sounding impressively clear. On heavy metal tracks such as Lamb of God’s “Ruin,” the bass tones are simply great and the sound quality of guitar riffs to the drums are superb.


The Marshall Major II is a straightforward headset that delivers excellent audio performance and superb comfort. It doesn’t look as garish as the other offerings in its range, which also makes it a great choice for minimalists. Simply put, it’s compact and lightweight, and it delivers greatly on its audio quality. For Php4,650, it’s one of the best offerings available in the market to date if you need a high-performance solution that you can take with you.

Marshall Major II Specs:

  • Dimensions: 18 x 14 x 6.4 cm
  • Weight: 454 g
  • Drivers: 40mm Handmade Drivers
  • Impedance: 64Ω
  • Sensitivity: 99dB
  • Plug: 3.5mm

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