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Saturday, January 18, 2020

Globe At Home Prepaid WiFi Now Only Php999; Globe Streamwatch Xtreme Now Only Php1,999

Globe At Home Prepaid WiFi device was introduced around the first half of 2017, and more than two years after its inception, Globe Telecom slashes 1000 pesos on its original SRP, making it more affordable for just Php999.

Globe At Home Prepaid WiFi Now Only Php999; Globe Streamwatch Xtreme Now Only Php1,999
Globe At Home Prepaid WiFi Now Only Php999; Globe Streamwatch Xtreme Now Only Php1,999

Moreover, the Globe Streamwatch Xtreme Prepaid is now only Php1,999 which's 3000 pesos discount from its original price tag of Php4,999.

These promos are part of our efforts in preparing our product offerings and technologies for higher data demands of Filipino families especially content streaming,” shared Winsley Bangit, VP at Globe at Home Prepaid.  “By giving more value to our device prices and data packages, we aim to connect and empower more Filipino homes with the high-quality Internet in an ever-increasingly digital world.

With no installation required, customers simply need to plug it, and top-up at any Globe reloading station to start surfing. Without monthly fees, consumers just have to reload the device and pay for the data they need. It also comes with 10GB free data upon purchase, so customers can surf instantly.

“We understand that our subscribers lead different lifestyles, so we’re offering more ways for them to enjoy our plans,” shares Martha Sazon, Senior Vice president of Globe At Home. “Our Globe Prepaid Home WiFi is perfect for those who do not want monthly fees, but still want to provide the best for their families.”
“Internet connection is becoming a necessity, and we’d like to offer the Globe Prepaid Home WiFi to everyone, regardless of budget and location,” says Sazon. “With this product we could bring home WiFi to more households,” she adds.

Below are some of the Globe's GoSURF promos:

GoSURF15 with 40MB of data, valid for two days
GoSURF50 with 1GB of data, valid for three days
GoSURF299 with 1.5GB of data, valid for 30 days
GoSURF599 with 4GB of data, valid for 30 days
GoSURF999 with 8GB of data, valid for 30 days

Globe advised users to place it in a central location at home, which is far from barriers such as thick walls and televisions. The company also noted that the placement of the WIFI device is essential to be able to maximize the connection.

Around November of 2017, Globe introduced the HomeSurf promos, which are as follows:

  • HomeSURF15 - 1GB data allocation valid for 1 day for only 15 pesos
  • HomeSURF199 - 5GB data allocation plus 7GB free for a total of 12GB valid for 7 days for only 199 pesos
  • HomeSURF599 - 15GB data allocation plus 25GB free for a total of 40GB valid for 15 days for only 599 pesos
  • HomeSURF999 - 30GB data allocation plus 35GB free for a total of 65GB valid for 30 days for only 999 pesos
  • HomeSURF1499 - 45GB data allocation plus 55GB free for a total of 100GB valid for 30 days for only 1499 pesos

With Globe At Home Prepaid Wifi, more Filipino homes can enjoy fast and reliable internet connection. The new HomeSURF promos let customers surf more – from social media to online videos – all at an affordable price,” Globe At Home SVP Martha Sazon said.

Take note that the new HomeSURF promos are exclusively available through Globe At Home app, while the HomeSURF15 is just an exclusive add-on to GoSURF50 and other HomeSURF promos and cannot be used as a standalone promo.

On August 17, 2018, Globe announced that all HomeSurf promos come with free access to video streaming apps and games.

In line with our thrust to deliver fast, reliable, and affordable home internet to more Filipinos, Globe At Home has partnered up with some of the most in-demand apps. We’re proud to offer free all-day internet access for videos and games through our partners so our customers can go home and enjoy their favorite shows and games right in the comfort of their own homes. Now all they have to do is plug, load, and surf,” Martha Sazon, Senior Vice President for Broadband Business of Globe, addressed.

Visit for more information about the Globe At Home Prepaid Home WiFi. It is available in Globe stores nationwide or gets it by calling the toll-free hotline (2) 7301010. It is also available in Abensons, 7-11, and Mini Stop convenience stores.


This post was first published on April 23, 2017, at 10:42 PM with the title Globe Introduces Prepaid Home WiFi for Only Php1,999; Comes with 10GB Free Data. The article was first updated on November 2, 2017, to add the new HomeSurf promos, and last updated on January 18, 2020, to reflect the new SRP of Globe at Home Prepaid WiFi and Globe Streamwatch Xtreme Prepaid.

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