Get A Free Casio G-Shock For Every Purchase Of Acer Laptop

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Get A Free Casio G-Shock For Every Purchase Of Acer Laptop
Get A Free Casio G-Shock For Every Purchase Of Acer Laptop

Acer Philippines, one of the leading Taiwanese electronics manufacturing company, has partnered with G-Shock, Casio's wholly-owned franchise, for the #TimeForUs campaign that aims to narrow between the Millennials and Gen Xers.
“At Acer, we believe that it’s time to focus on bridging the generation divide,” shares Sue Ong-Lim, Sales and Marketing Director of Acer Philippines. “It’s imperative that we see that, amidst the differences between Gen Xers and Millennials, they are also a lot alike.”
Acer has tapped Basti Artadi, the vocalist of the award-winning rock band Wolfgang, to represent the Gen X, and Juan Miguel Severo, a Millenial who became popular in the art of spoken word poetry. The two artists collaborate and develop the “Time For Us” a combination of music and spoken-word piece of art that drives the message of the campaign.

The #TimeForUs campaign is not just about bridging the gap between two generations, it is also an ongoing promotion wherein every purchase of qualifying Acer laptops powered by Intel Core-i5 and Core-i7 processors entitles the buyer for a FREE G-Shock watch worth up to Php5,995.
“G-Shock, Basti Artadi, and Juan Miguel Severo are with us in aspiring to bring the Gen X and millennial generation together,” says Ray Gozon, Senior Marketing Manager of Acer Philippines. “With their help, we are optimistic that we will ultimately be able to succeed.”
Below are the complete list of Acer laptops qualified for this promotion:

Aspire S13: S5-371-53F4, S5-371-55AN,  S5-371-74H1 and S5-371-53F4
Aspire S7: S7-393-75508G25ews
Aspire Swift 3: SF314-51-50ZY and SF314-51-54IM
Aspire Swift 5: SF514-51-50SQ and SF514-51-77F1
Aspire Swift 7: SF713-51-M1X2 and SF713-51-M7ER
Aspire 7: A715-71G-57AH,  A715-71G-57AY and A715-71G-705S
Aspire F: F5-573G-514W-F5, F5-573G-52XT, F5-573G-5467, F5-573G-5574, F5-573G-55RX, F5-573G-55U4, F5-573G-55VY, F5-573G-57CZ, F5-573G-5807, F5-573G-58DM, F5-573G-58Q3, F5-573G-59AB, F5-573G-59F4, F5-573G-55G2, F5-573G-70RS, F5-573G-70XV, F5-573G-71BX, F5-573G-721W, F5-573G-72U6, F5-573G-73A3, F5-573G-74YJ, F5-573G-7572, F5-573G-760N, F5-573G-7688, F5-573G-773S, F5-573G-780B, F5-573G-787N, F5-573G-78PB, and F5-573G-796H
Aspire V3: V3-372-537L, V3-472PG-716R, V3-572PG-93RL, V3-574G-55UJ, V3-574G-59N4, V3-574G-74BC, V3-574G-77P6, V3-574G-78CG, V3-575G-52GY, V3-575G-74ZZ, and V3-575G-7XK
Aspire V5: V5-573-54204G50amm
Aspire Nitro V: VN7-571G-73ZJ, VN7-571G-75CH, VN791G-76ZV, and VN7-791G-78U9
Aspire VX: VX5-591G-51DL, VX5-591G-532R, VX5-591G-70ME, VX5-591G-719K, and VX5-591G-7448
Aspire E14: E5-417-51LB, E5-417G-5763, E5-417G-57J6, E5-473-51W6, E5-473-52SY, E5-473-539H, E5-473-53C0, E5-473-54NE, E5-473-56RL, E5-473-56YB, E5-473-57RJ, E5-473-57SR, E5-473-596B, E5-473-59ZA, E5-473G-51D6, E5-473G-51GX, E5-473G-51GY, E5-473G-52FG, E5-473G-53RD, E5-473G-54CD, E5-473G-54L9, E5-473G-55L5, E5-473G-57QQ, E5-473G-58G2, E5-473G-5908, E5-473G-593S, E5-473G-598N, E5-475G-500E, E5-475G-50AL, E5-475G-50ST, E5-475G-51BC, E5-475G-51SV, E5-475G-52T0, E5-475G-55DU, E5-475G-58YC, E5-571G-750T, E5-571G-77AU, E5-571G-77P0, E5-575G-52DA, E5-575G-54YE, E5-575G-55GU, E5-575G-55V5, E5-575G-581Y, E5-575G-71BR, E5-575G-7211, E5-575G-728J, E5-575G-7861, and E5-575G-79ET
Aspire ES15: ES1-572-5784, ES1-572-57KV, and ES1-572-58TD
Aspire R14: R3-471TG-555Z
Aspire R13: R7-371T-51SA, and R7-371T-52WC
Aspire One 14: Z1402-51T4, and Z1402-52WM
Aspire 2-in-1: SAS-271-54ZW, SP315-51-53NM, and SP714-51-M4E5

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To claim the free G-Shock watch, fill-out the claim form and submit it along with the Official Receipt as proof of purchase, cut-out of the box that contains the serial number of the laptop, and two valid IDs. Redemption period is sixty (60) days upon purchase.

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