Shore Suite Targets to Upgrade Property Management System in the Philippines

Ciara Alarcon
Shore Suite Targets to Upgrade Property Management System in the Philippines
Shore Suite Targets to Upgrade Property Management System in the Philippines

Shore Suite, a property management system solution, is finally official in the Philippines. The company claimed that it could also give customers a more personalized experience aside from helping hoteliers with online bookings.

During the launch, it was revealed that Shore Suite provides four core products – property management system, channel manager, booking engine, and customer relationship management.

Shore CEO Alistair Israel boasted that Shore Suite makes it easier to maximize the property’s presence on travel portal agents through its channel manager, while its booking engine makes the consumer’s experience better, as the direct reservations become more user-friendly and social.

“With channel manager, we provide hoteliers a way to instantly sync hotel rates and availability across all online distribution channels, thus maximizing inventory and opportunities to place on more platforms since it’s easier to manage. But of course you also cannot miss out on direct bookings. That is why you also need a booking engine for your property,” Israel added.

The company also acknowledged that the convenience of social media is very important in having direct communication with guests. With this, the solution’s booking engine can easily be integrated not only to their property’s website, but also to its Facebook page.

“Everyone is in social media. Inquiries are now sent via private message. It makes interaction and closing deals easier when guests could book not only on your website, but also via your Facebook page. We’ve also integrated the system with various payment options like Paypal and DragonPay,” Shore Suite noted.

Shore Suite also explained that it will help businesses in increasing their internal efficiency, reducing operational cost, and maximizing profitability.

Apart from helping hoteliers, the solution aims to ensure customer satisfaction, too. Its Customer Relationship Management allows hoteliers to know the special needs and demands of customers prior to check-in.

“It will be delightful for any guest to have what they want even without telling you. With Shore Suite, you would be able to generate historical information of your guests and know whether they have particulars that are nice to have even when not requested,” Israel said.

Meanwhile, Shore Suite eyes to lead Property Management System in the Philippines, as well as in Southeast Asia. For more info, visit

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