5G and IoT Set to Bolster Essential Industries

Ciara Alarcon
The deployment of 5G technology is set to be beneficial in the development and improvement of various global industries. When combined with the Internet of Things, it’s expected to bring smart manufacturing, smart medical care, smart retail, Internet of Vehicles, and smart cities closer to consumers.

5G and IoT Set to Bolster Essential Industries
5G and IoT Set to Bolster Essential Industries

Among the countries at the forefront of innovation, Taiwan has reached around US$ 4.586 billion in its 5G spectrum auctions, proof of the deemed importance of 5G in mobile communications.

As countries gear up to embrace 5G, Taiwan is at a full-throttle to assist the country’s enterprises looking to break into the 5G market. Taiwan’s solid foundation of its semiconductor and ICT industries will be at play to meet the demand for customizable and diverse small cell manufacturing, which will be essential since the fast transmission speed of 5G is limited to short-distance transmission.

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As such, Taiwan has locally-made but internationally-ready products that will aid consumers once 5G is deployed.

These include Edge-Core, a Taiwan Excellence award-winning brand, which has developed a big data backhaul technology intended to reduce design and deployment costs by referencing future 5G market demand to drive a new generation of mobile network services.

There’s also the 5G wireless router made by D-Link Technology, which is made to build a large-scale mesh network that will allow easy connection between smart home devices.

Another product is the internet information security defense and parental control wireless router developed by Zyxel.

Through Taiwan Excellence, Taiwan takes pride in its portfolio of homegrown brands, which have been utilized by various industries across different countries around the globe.

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