Epson Unveils New Moverio Smart Glasses for an Improved AR Experience

Ciara Alarcon
Epson recently unveiled its newest Moverio smart glasses designed for multi-user commercial use and industrial applications: the Moverio BT-350 and Moverio Pro BT-2200.

Epson Unveils New Moverio Smart Glasses for an Improved AR Experience
Epson Unveils New Moverio Smart Glasses for an Improved AR Experience

Both smart glasses feature binocular see-through augmented reality (AR) capabilities and HD image quality to address the demands of commercial and industrial users. However, to improve the AR experience it can give to users, the Moverio smart glasses line sports micro projectors placed on each side of the eyeglasses to project transparent overlays of digital content.

The Moverio BT-350 (image above) is designed for multi-user commercial use. It comes with an enhanced build durability and flexibility to ensure a more comfortable and secure fit. The device also has multi-unit docking station for an easy management. This station charges and updates the smart glasses at the same time, allowing it to manage multiple devices simultaneously.

The BT-350 is perfect for museums, city tours, amusement parks, and other visitor attractions. It can provide real-time visibility, too.

Moverio Pro BT-2200
Moverio Pro BT-2200

Meanwhile, the Moverio Pro BT-2200 is dressed with rugged and durable body, as it is designed for helmet-mandatory environments. The device combines sensing and connectivity features to enable a wide range of cutting-edge AR, and other applications for manufacturing, logistics, maintenance and other fields.

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Innovative enough, it is equipped with a built-in standalone voice command. It can create user interfaces, too, based on head-tracking and gesture-control. In addition, it is IP54 certified to withstand dust, water, and a drop from 1.2 meters.

Both Moverio BT-350 and Pro BT-2200 are scheduled for availability beginning Q4 of 2017 in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, and Indonesia, while its pricing is yet to be announced.

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