Microsoft Holds Education Summit; Celebrates Company’s Key Milestones

Ciara Alarcon
To mark its continuous effort in leading the digital transformation of education in the Philippines, Microsoft held its Education Summit, where they celebrated their key milestones.

Microsoft Holds Education Summit; Celebrates Company’s Key Milestones
Microsoft Holds Education Summit; Celebrates Company’s Key Milestones

The Education Summit delivered essential sessions on the digital transformation, involving school leaders, administrators, students, and institutions. Also, the company revealed that they now have 1,000 new ambassadors, new showcase schools, and Minecraft in classroom.

“At Microsoft, we believe that technology alone cannot develop the future-ready skills students require. Technology is an accelerator, but alone it does not enable change. We believe in the power of schools and the impact school leadership can have when they work towards a common goal,” Clarissa Segismundo, Microsoft Philippines Education Programs Lead, addressed.

Microsoft has launched several efforts to bridge educational gaps in the Philippines, too. These efforts include empowering the visually impaired through a more inclusive SPED with ATRIEV. In addition, the company also opened the Microsoft Experience Hub – a classroom of the future where students are prepared with 21st century skills – at Asia Pacific College.

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To empower educators in the country, Microsoft conducts training programs in teaching with technology through partner institutions, as well.

“At Microsoft, we are deeply committed to the digital transformation in education. This is why we work closely with key educational institutions in the Philippines like the DepEd and our Showcase Schools. Through strategic partnerships, we can transform the way students learn and educators teach,” Segismundo said.

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