Samsung Now the World’s Biggest Chipmaker

Ciara Alarcon
Samsung Electronics Co. is now the world’s biggest chipmaker by revenue, stealing the number one spot to Intel for the first time since 1992.

Samsung Now the World’s Biggest Chipmaker
Samsung Now the World’s Biggest Chipmaker

Now with a growing market, the Korean tech giant has reported a USD 69-billion sales compared to Intel’s USD 63-billion chip sales for 2017. Nevertheless, it’s still a good year for Intel as it was a record revenue. Also, the company still has 90% of the world’s computer processors.

No longer dominating the industry in terms of revenue, Intel’s sales still grew by six percent. However, Samsung has battled them out, as the company focuses on memory chips – an essential parts of smartphones.

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According to reports, Samsung bagged the crown as it transformed itself into a supplier of key components in smartphones and other computing devices. Moreover, memory chips are now penetrating new range of devices, including smart cars.


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