Cherry Mobile V2 Review; Basic is Cool!

Ciara Alarcon

In a world full of smartphones, Cherry Mobile decides to step up the game of feature phones. Many mobile manufacturers want to be the leader not only in sales, but also in terms of phone innovation.

So, while these tech giants are busy feeding consumers with the latest technology, the local brand knows that we need a pause. Bringing us back to the basic, the company outs a feature phone that isn’t boring and dated. Really, you will never go out of style!

Cherry Mobile V2 Review; Basic is Cool!
Cherry Mobile V2 Review; Basic is Cool!

Cool enough, here’s the Cherry Mobile V2! Let’s dig deeper here!


Forget those old feature phones, the Cherry Mobile V2 flaunts a futuristic design. The premium looking basic phone is dressed with a metallic unibody shell, too. By just looking at the device, you’d think that it has a full touchscreen display, especially when the screen is off. Speaking of which, it has 1.5-inch TFT display and an illuminated capacitive buttons. It sports a physical lock/power button below the screen, while its speaker grill is placed above the panel.

Cherry Mobile V2 Illuminated Capacitive Buttons
Illuminated Capacitive Buttons

Its SIM tray – which can accommodate two MicroSIM cards or a combination of SIM and MicroSD cards – is situated at the bottom of the device, and is beside the MicroUSB port.

Flip the device on its back and you’d see its flawless aluminum body. It won’t easily attract scratches, too. Moreover, the device is lightweight and easy to hold, so, one-hand usage is pretty possible. We just felt like solid grip is still needed because the unit is so glossy that it might slip on your hands, plus the fact that it is tiny and super slim.


Cherry Mobile V2 1.5-inch TFT Display
1.5-inch TFT Display

Here’s the major twist! Disguised as a basic phone, the V2 can work more than that. In fact, it can be used as a Bluetooth smartphone dialer. With this, users can pair the device to their smartphone to see their messages or even make a call. In addition, it can monitor your smartphone notifications by simply installing the BT Notifier app. Isn’t it awesome?

During our test, the device performed great as a Bluetooth smartphone dialer. We never had a problem connecting this to our main smartphone. Also, when we inserted a SIM card and made it as our basic communication device, we’re glad that it has good signal reception.

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The V2 packs 500mAh battery. Giving us a long battery life, the device lasted for three days when we didn’t pair it up. It lasted for almost two days, however, when we continuously used its Bluetooth smartphone dialer feature. The only thing we’re not happy about the phone is its slow charger that can full its battery for two hours or more.


Cherry Mobile V2
Cherry Mobile V2

Overall, the Cherry Mobile V2 is an impressive basic phone! It won’t hurt your pocket, both literally and figuratively. We recommend this to people who usually ride public transportation, or to those that are somehow always exposed in risky places. This decoy phone won’t make you feel any less, too, as it is housed in a futuristic and premium-looking body.

Of course, the V2 will remind you that every now and then, basic is still cool – and you badly need it today.

The Cherry Mobile V2 sells for only Php1,499!

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