PLDT Enterprise Bolsters Offerings with New SD-WAN Technology

Carmel Miguel
In a bid to give customers more control to boost their business, PLDT Enterprise, the business-to-business (B2B) arm of PLDT has announced the new software-defined wide-area network technology (SD-WAN) during the 2018 Philippine Digital Convention.

PLDT Enterprise Bolsters Offerings with New SD-WAN Technology
PLDT Enterprise Bolsters Offerings with New SD-WAN Technology

Through the SD-WAN, enterprise networks, data centers, and the cloud will be interconnected, businesses the right agility through a secured platform despite geographical differences.

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According to Jojo Gendrano, PLDT VP and Head of Enterprise Core Business Solutions, the new SD-WAN technology allows enterprise owners to have the ability to better fir their data, application needs, and their budget for the underlying network service supporting those applications.

“Branch heavy industries like banking and finance, as well as the retail industry, can further improve data uptime, especially as their applications become data dependent, centralized, or more focused to the cloud. Similarly, BPOs can better address seasonality requirements of their clientele,” Gendrano says.

PLDT Enterprise has since partnered with global software-defined network and services provider Zenlayer to beef up its robust and competitive international offerings.

“We are very excited to introduce SD-WAN technology to the Philippine market. Local enterprises are always looking for ways to easily scale their business requirements up or down, and this will allow them to do so in real-time, making for simpler, more efficient management of resources,” says SVP and Head of PLDT and Smart Enterprise Business Groups Jovy Hernandez.

Aside from its extensive SD-WAN lineup with partners covering international network requirements, PLDT also has the country's biggest software-defined and network connected data centers.

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The 2018 Philippine Digital Convention held in partnership with the International Data Corporation (IDC) brought together over 1,000 C-level executives, business owners, and key decision makers to have collaboration with technology pioneers and international thought leaders.

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