CloudFone Launches Kalye Irving as Its New Brand Ambassador

Ciara Alarcon

CloudFone Launches Kalye Irving as Its New Brand Ambassador

CloudFone has unveiled an inspiring video featuring its new brand ambassador – Kalye Irving – to promote and highlight the company’s value behind its excellence.

CloudFone Launches "Kalye Irving" as Its New Brand Ambassador
CloudFone Launches "Kalye Irving" as Its New Brand Ambassador

Looking back in September 2011, CloudFone introduced its first-ever device – the Cloudfone Ice, which aimed to provide quality and affordable smartphones for the Filipino consumers. Back then, the brand had only 22 partner stores and 5 kiosks. However, through its efforts, it now has over 1,000 stores nationwide and is now considering expanding its company beyond the Philippine borders.

In 2017, CloudFone placed an exclamation point to the end of its year by bagging the “Best Smartphone Brand of 2017 Editor’s Choice.” This became possible through its goal to ensure that its phones are affordable for the average Filipinos.

“Creating quality products are great but creating quality products the Filipinos can afford is even greater,” Eric Yu, President and CEO of CellPrime Distribution Corp. – the company behind CloudFone.

Kalye Irving for Cloudfone

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“Coming from a humble background and without much advantage, he took whatever was available to him, and made us of those to get better. He didn’t let any obstacles bring him down. I think that’s one of the things that make him awesome. The other thing that is so inspiring about Kalye Irving, and I think, where we perhaps see a connection with CludFone, is that, even though he’s not the best yet, he continues trying to be the best and that quality in his attitude leads him to help and inspire his family and so many people around him. I think that is what is truly awesome about this kid,” Yu addressed.

And as CloudFone prepares to launch its latest offerings in Q4, the brand created a video not to boast a product but to showcase the value behind the motivation for its proposition. The video flaunts Andrei Ingco, also known as Kalye Irving, who has been featured various times by news outlets for his skills in basketball.

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