7 Reasons Why Vivo's Halo Display Is a Game Changer

Ciara Alarcon
Vivo recently brought its pioneering in-display fingerprint scanning technology to the mid-range market as it launched the Vivo V11. However, what appears to be the refreshing feature of the device is its Halo notch. Let’s dig deeper and find out why the company’s Halo FullView Display is a game changer!

7 Reasons Why Vivo's Halo Display Is a Game Changer
7 Reasons Why Vivo's Halo Display Is a Game Changer

Visual Amusement

Aside from having a big 6.41-inch screen, the V11 also comes with a Super AMOLED Full View display that offers stunning clarity. In addition, its display can fit more space for app icons and widgets. It can even flash high-definition and live wallpapers so well.

Taking Photos

Through its immersive screen, users will be comfortable in taking photos and browsing pictures. It also enables them to manage all the controls and functions on the screen. Hence, its slim bezels measuring at just 1.76mm on the sides and 3.8mm at the bottom allow users to capture images like a professional photographer.

Watching Films

With its Halo display paired with the curved body design, the device blends its edges into the panel to give off an all-screen experience. It is also great colors and clarity, as well.

Superior Gaming Experience

Its impressive display is complemented with 6GB of RAM to deliver an ultra-smooth performance. It is also equipped with 128GB of internal storage that can surely accommodate large game files. Moreover, it has an auto gaming mode that can keep games running in the background.

Video Chatting Experience

Through its vibrant display, having an impressive video chat with your loved ones became a reality as it offers a realistic color, too.

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Browsing the Web

The V11 allows users to use two tabs at the same time on one screen. With this, you can now browse your social media accounts simultaneously. Really, its halo display will enable you to multitask.

Typing Quicker

Having a big screen, the V11 sports a decent keyboard with an appropriate size to prevent typographical errors. We all hate typos, aren’t we? Good news, through the V11, users can easily draft or edit files from their smartphone without slowing down their speed.

Vivo V11 Philippines
Vivo V11

The Vivo V11 is now available in the Philippines for only Php19,999! You can read our Vivo V11 Hands-on and Initial Impression.

Do you know more reasons why Vivo’s Halo display is a game changer? Let us know what you think!

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