LG Can Now Diagnose Smart Appliances over the Phone

Ciara Alarcon
LG Electronics has introduced its new customer service dubbed as Smart Diagnosis, allowing consumers to have their smart appliances diagnosed over the phone.

LG Can Now Diagnose Smart Appliances over the Phone
LG Can Now Diagnose Smart Appliances over the Phone

LG is set to upgrade your customer service experience through its new solution on its appliances. Through this, consumers who recently bought LG smart appliances can simply download the app to diagnose the problems of their washing machine, refrigerator, or television.

Once the issue has been recognized, customers can call the LG hotline to address the issue even more. To make this service more hassle-free, Smart Diagnosis includes downloadable diagnostic information that allows their technicians to troubleshoot problems when you press a sequence of buttons on your appliances. The latter results in a series of diagnostic tones that correspond to a specific maintenance need, which can be determined and resolved by a service technician over the phone.

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Through this, LG will no longer have to send a service technician to diagnose consumer’s smart appliances.

Meanwhile, if the problem can’t be resolved over the phone, Smart Diagnosis can still determine the problem and allow LG technicians to come prepared with the correct parts needed for the repair.

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