Lamudi Academy Strives for Online Real Estate Marketing Education

Ciara Alarcon
Lamudi has introduced its Lamudi Academy, enabling real estate brokers to pursue online rear estate marketing education.

Lamudi Academy Strives for Online Real Estate Marketing Education
Lamudi Academy Strives for Online Real Estate Marketing Education

Started as a simple training seminar, Lamudi used to hold boot camps in hotels with 60 to 80 participants in 2015. Now, Lamudi Academy offers six comprehensive courses that have three different levels highlighting online real estate marketing techniques for property buyers. Levels include basic, advanced, and expert courses.

Also, according to Lamudi, their training program eyes to provide real estate brokers the proper education on upgrading their skills in this digitally-driven market.

Here are the courses that Lamudi offers:

Top Online Lead Generation Channels – a basic course that introduces the most popular online lead generation channels in the market. It will showcase the pros and cons of each medium, too.

The Power of Lamudi – this course allows brokers to understand Lamudi’s online property portal, including guidelines in posting listing and available Lamudi tools.

Converting Online Leads into Sales – an advanced course that focuses in increasing the chances of lead conversion.

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Improving Online Marketing Strategy – aims to help brokers enhance their content and communication approaches. This also requires attendance to basic level courses.

Digital Trends 2018 – an expert level course that delivers comprehensive and updated information about the status of internet usage in the Philippines. This requires attendance to both basic and advanced level courses.

Understanding the Market – an expert level course that elaborates insider information on the most in-demand property locations, which means attendees will understand better the demographics of the market.

The training courses are scheduled every Wednesdays and Thursdays.

For more information, visit the Lamudi website here.

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