Taiwan Excellence Showcases New Innovations for Smarter Cities

Ciara Alarcon
Taiwan Excellence has joined the final leg of Philconstruct to showcase newest solutions for a more secure and smarter city.

Taiwan Excellence Showcases New Innovations for Smarter Cities
Taiwan Excellence Showcases New Innovations for Smarter Cities

Philconstruct – a known Industry trade fair in the Philippines – brought latest innovations on their respective spotlights to help define the landscape of building and construction in the country. Philconstruct gave manufacturers a chance to feature their industry-related products, including building materials and components, construction equipment, accessories, essentials, interior and exterior design materials, and construction gear.

Once again, Taiwan Excellence took one of the biggest parts of the fair to flaunt its products. Their exhibits were headed by 10 Taiwanese companies, which were represented by their stakeholders. These brands are awardees of the Taiwan Excellence, as well, as they have great performance in four aspects such as Research and Development, Design, Quality, and Marketing.

Here are some of the interesting products that were featured by Taiwan Excellence:

Caesar Sanitary Ware – the company showcased their hydropower sensor faucet. It requires no external power source, as it completely runs on hydropower. It also has no wiring, which makes its installation effortless.

Sunonwealth Electric Machine Industry Co., Ltd – it manufactured a ventilation fan/filter that is fireproof and waterproof. Featuring magnetic buttons and a lateral suction design, this product allows users to save energy of roughly 60 percent.

Aluminum Telescopic Steady Support
Aluminum Telescopic Steady Support

Chiao Teng Hsin Enterprise Co., Ltd – one of the coolest things featured by Taiwan Excellence is its Aluminum Telescopic Steady Support, a ladder accessory. It can hold a load of up to150kg, and has anti-slip rubber feet that enable the ladder to be stable in a variety of work sites.

  Patented industrial vacuum technology suction cups
Patented industrial vacuum technology suction cups

Ferro-Carbon Enterprise Co., Ltd – bringing numbers of innovative storage solutions, the brand boasted its patented industrial vacuum technology suction cups that will no longer require users to drill and hammer it into their walls. These include the Samurai Wall Shelf Set, Samurai 10-inch Magnetic bar, and Samurai Storage Bag – all of these can be attached to rough surfaces, and are durable and reusable.

Tong Lung Metal Industry Co., Ltd – for a more secure city, the company showcased a proximity lock that sports four-in-one access methods such as fingerprint, proximity card, password, and physical key. It also has a voice guide feature for programming and operation.

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Xing Tai Guang – it brings its XTGL Optical CMH Luminaire to show its ability to give a luminous efficacy of higher than 85 lm/w. It has a power factor of ballast higher than 95% and a light output ratio higher than 85%.

Detachable Pleated Screen
Detachable Pleated Screen

Taroko Door and Window Technologies, Inc – the brand delivers a Detachable Pleated Screen that features a dual function: keeping harsh light out during the day, and keeping insects out at night while still allowing air to circulate freely.

Lei Yueh Enterprise – it impressed visitors through its LED Mini Star, an ultra-slim and lightweight light source that only uses 3.26 watts per fixture. It allows consumers to light up their cabinets and other small spaces without having to use heavy electronic consumption.

e-Formula Technologies, Inc – the company have a seismometer that detects and measures faster less disruptive P waves from seismic activity. Then, it sends an alert before a more damaging wave arrives such as the S wave.

King Slide Works Co., Ltd – seemed to be an answer to cabinets with a poor built, the company manufactured its Silent Self-Closing Ball Bearing Slide that features a self-closing and soundless drawer.

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