PayPal Introduces Xoom in Canada

Carmel Miguel
Cashless service provider PayPal has unveiled Xoom, an international money transfer system intended for Filipinos with relatives in Canada. With Xoom, users can easily and securely send money, pay bills, and reload phones for their loved ones living in the Philippines.

PayPal Introduces Xoom in Canada
PayPal Introduces Xoom in Canada

Likewise, those residing in Canada can also request money, bill payments and mobile reloads with just the email address of their contact. These can all be done just by using the Xoom app.

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Joining the digital transformation, Xoom is one of the fastest means for families abroad to send and receive money to and from Southeast Asian countries without expensive service rates. Users can send up to $12,500 CAD in a single transaction to over 130 countries, including India, China and the Philippines.

Acquiring money remitted can be done through cash pickup available at over 10,000 locations in the Philippines, as well as through door-to-door delivery service with no additional handling fees. Delivery time often covers under six hours to Metro Manila when the money is sent before 3:00 PM (PH time) and one to two days in the provinces.

Tracking can also be done via text updates, email notifications, or via the Xoom app and website. To know more, visit

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