RedDoorz Partners with Local Entrepreneurs to Expand in PH

Ciara Alarcon
Southeast Asian accommodation company RedDoorz is set to strengthen its presence in the Philippines by offering a win-win partnership between them and local hoteliers.

RedDoorz Partners with Local Entrepreneurs to Expand in PH
RedDoorz Partners with Local Entrepreneurs to Expand in PH

With 680 properties in Asia, the company eyes to become more aggressive, and have a larger share in the growing online travel market. With this, they aim to reach 1,500 properties in Q4 2019.

Looking back, RedDoorz arrived in the local shores in the mid-2018 with more than 100 properties in Metro Manila, Metro Cebu, Davao, Pampanga, and Tagaytay. Now, they aim to double their presence by having more than 250 properties this year.

“We’re trying to solve the problem of this unnamed, unbranded, small, mom and pop hotel, and there are lots of them. We are solving the problem for them, trying to give them the brand, technology and training. To be more open to the new age millennial customer and to have the kind of services that the customers are expecting,” said RedDoorz COO Rishabh Singhi in an interview.

To achieve this, RedDoorz banks on partnering with local hotels, inns, apartels, condotels, and other privately-owned accommodations. Promising to deliver more income to their partners, they give property owners an access to different marketing channels that will help them increase their popularity growth.

“These hotels normally operate very lowtech, whereas RedDoorz operates on a hightech platform,” he says. “[Our technology] saves them a lot of time, plus if they were to buy this type of technology that’s out on the market, it would be out of reach for them. It’s very expensive. So they get access to this technology, and the training on how to use it,” noted Singhi in a separate statement.

The company has also come up with a management philosophy that ensures the best quality rooms and facilities at competitive price points. Properties will be then categorized as basic, plus, or premium properties.

RedDoorz near Arca South owner Diana Goldsberg explained: “RedDoorz was able to boost and get more revenue, maximize the [full] potential of my property when it comes to sales [and] occupancy. It actually tripled our income. That’s because of the marketing strategy of RedDoorz.”

Having an online booking platform, property owners can also increase their visibility not just in the country but also abroad. Their partners are also ensured that they will generate income from their owned units, as RedDoorz focuses on managing consumers' demands.

“First of all, you are working with a very dynamic team. That’s very important. Second of all is the reliability of the company. And thirdly, we’ve just started and we’ve already seen the positive impact. The things we were not able to get before, they completely turned around in a week’s time,” said Kate Capulong, owner and General Manager of RedDoorz Premium @ Sta. Rosa Tagaytay Road

Meanwhile, through the RedDoorz app (available both on Google Play Store and Apple App Store) and website (, customers can access different payment methods including credit cards, DragonPay, and cash. RedDoorz gives incentives to its loyal guests through the RedCash rewards systems, too. Moreover, the company offers exclusive discounts, and partner deals through RedClub membership.

RedDoorz has presence across Asia, including Indonesia, Vietnam, Singapore, and Philippines.

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