Cherry Mobile Flare Sport Review; Affordable and Capable Smartwatch

Matthew Cuyugan

Cherry Mobile has in the business for quite a long time already, and every now and then, they offer something different, something new to the consumers. Just like the Cherry Mobile Flare Sport, an affordable smartwatch and activity tracker.

Cherry Mobile Flare Sport Review; Affordable and Capable Smartwatch
Cherry Mobile Flare Sport Review; Affordable and Capable Smartwatch

But, with lots of similar products in the market, is there still a place for the Cherry Mobile Flare Sport to fit in? Let's find out!


On the outside, the Cherry Mobile Flare Sport is kept very simple, from the design aspects to the material used. The watch itself is made of a combination of plastic and aluminum, with the former takes up the top of the display, making it a little prone to dings and scratches. Thankfully, there is a pre-installed plastic film to protect it against such instances.

The straps are made of perforated rubber, they can actually be replaced, but you need an Allen Key to that, besides, we really do not know if Cherry Mobile will sell replacement straps in the future.

By the way, the popular local mobile brand didn't disclose its overall dimensions, including its weight. But, it is very much lightweight and still quite comfortable to wear.

Cherry Mobile Flare Sport Retail Package
Retail Package

Despite the simple construction, the quality of workmanship gives us no cause for complaint. It has a solid build quality,  the physical buttons on the right can be operated well, and has no gaps or whatsoever. That is because the Cherry Mobile Flare Sport is tight sealed to pass the IP68 standard, which means it is protected against dust and continuous submersion in fresh water at maximum depth of 1.5 meters for about 30 minutes.

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Cherry Mobile Flare Sport Physical Buttons
Physical Buttons

There are two buttons on the right side of Flare Sport. To select a menu, just short press the Enter button (red), while for power on and off, to back or to turn on and off the watch interface, press the Power button (black).

Meanwhile, to show the menu options, just touch the "Switch Key". It is a circular shape located below the display interface.


The circular display of the Flare Sport with an unknown resolution does not cause any euphoria, but it thrills in the practical test. With a low resolution and a diagonal size of about 1.04 inches, it is not ideal for viewing images, but only to provide the important parameters. And, this is exactly what the screen does brilliantly, thanks to its OLED screen.

Cherry Mobile Flare Sport Display

The readability is quite good, especially in direct sunlight. The trick is that the more light you see on the screen, the better it is to read and the stronger the colors. The resolution is perfectly adequate. Although individual pixels can be recognized on close inspection, still all the letters and numbers in the interface can be read easily.

The wearer also has to accept some downer in the field of hardware. It is due to the fact that the display cannot be activated by touch gesture. Before interaction, the Power Button must always be pressed. The good side, due to its internal proximity sensor, once you raise your hand that wears the Flare Sport, the display will automatically be activated, thus showing again the interface.

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To synchronize the data it gathers, the Cherry Mobile Flare Sport relies on the app called "FunDo". Before you use the tracker, you must install the app in either Google Play Store if you're using an Android phone or App Store for iOS devices. Then, connect it via Bluetooth, which in our experience is fast, seamless, and does not suffer any kind of hiccups.

Cherry Mobile Flare Sport Interface via the FunDo App
Interface via the FunDo App

The  Flare Sport is equipped with a heart rate sensor, and sleep monitor sensor, which are hardware seldom found or mostly absent even in more expensive wearables. Moreover, it is also capable of automatically tracking multiple sports activities, also something that is plausible considering its price tag.

Cherry Mobile Flare Sport Health Interface
Health Interface

The pedometer is pretty accurate when tracking our steps. Checking our blood pressure and heart rate is okay and doesn't deliver falsified values. Overall, it shows that the heart rate measurement for sporting activities accurately, and also in real time.

Cherry Mobile Flare Sport Notification Interface
Notification Interface

The Flare Sport may also be used for phone notification. It will vibrate once the tracker receives any message and social media notifications like Facebook and Instagram.


Cherry Mobile Flare Sport Charging Cable
Charging Cable

Cherry Mobile doesn't indicate how long the Flare Sport lasts on a single charge, but based on our own experience, it clocks more than five days before it needs to be refueled again. Speaking of which, it takes less than two hours to fully charge.

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With the Cherry Mobile Flare Sport, you get a very affordable, yet very capable smartwatch that doubles as fitness tracker that wears comfortably, and whose battery holds several days. It is highly recommendable for those looking for a digital watch with lots of useful functionalities.

Yes, it is not perfect, and its design may not suit the taste of many consumers, but with an asking price of just Php1,299, we can say that it offers great value for money, and outweighs its shortcomings.

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