Cherry Mobile Shares "BigATen Ways to Celebrate Feb-ibig"

Ciara Alarcon
Relationship status aside, Cherry Mobile shared its “BigATen” ways on how you can celebrate “Feb-ibig.” Do you want to have a cherryfic Valentine? If yes, here are the brand's 10 easy tips to spice things up this February.

Cherry Mobile Shares "BigATen Ways to Celebrate Feb-ibig"
Cherry Mobile Shares "BigATen Ways to Celebrate Feb-ibig"

  • Plan the best date ever – go on a date with your significant other, friends, or yourself. Try something new, or opt to book a four-course meal in a fancy restaurant. If this isn’t your type, then, consider having an adventurous hike at the mountains;
  • Pamper time – spoil your partner or yourself to that ultimate spa session. Take a day off, breathe, and just relax to surely enjoy the day;
  • Bake sweet treats – as cliché as it sounds, we all know that the way to someone’s heart is through his or her heart. With that, try pouring out your love and admiration through sweet treats;
  • Binge-watch rom-com movies – sometimes, the sweetest moment you can have with your partner is to just chill, and watch some rom-com movies;
  • Food crawl – running out of idea? A date is still a hundred percent success if you’ll just make sure that you and your partner will not be hungry. So, a food crawl date it is!
  • Spontaneous road trips – consider taking the roads with your family and friends to have a cool memory to share with;

Cherry Mobile Flare S7 Lite
Cherry Mobile Flare S7 Lite

  • Book, a date – if you prefer being alone this feb-ibig, then, grab a book and immerse yourself! Fictional characters are the best, of course;
  • Self-love – friendly advice, you cannot give love to others if you don't love yourself. Also, being alone doesn’t mean you’re lonely. Hence, go and treat yourself this Valentine’s day, and do whatever makes you happy;
  • Capture cherryfic moments – have a great photo-walk with your smartphone; and
  • A surprise that lasts – one of the best gifts you can give to your partner, family, self is a Cherry Mobile smartphone. You can choose from the Flare J1 Lite, or Flare S7 Lite. The former is a compact 5-inch smartphone, while the latter has a slightly bigger 5.5-inch display. Both handsets run on Android Oreo (Go Edition). The Flare J1 Lite is priced at Php2,599, while the Flare S7 Lite sells for Php3,299.

Check out any Cherry Mobile concept stores, and kiosk near you for more exciting gifts this coming Valentine’s day.

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