Grab Releases 8 New App Features to Enhance Customer Service

Ciara Alarcon
Grab, the country’s biggest ride-hailing company, has promised to upgrade its services through its eight new app features.

Grab Releases 8 New App Features to Enhance Customer Service
Grab Releases 8 New App Features to Enhance Customer Service

The firm has announced that it already hit the 3-billion passenger mark in Southeast Asia. With this, Grab vowed that it will continue to improve its service for both commuters and partners. To prove this, the company recently launched its Better Everyday campaign, where eight new app features were introduced.

Here are the eight latest features you can enjoy on the Grab mobile app:

  • Passengers can now cancel any time before allocation;
  • Grab makes booking easier as commuters can now save places or their preferred, and most frequented places such as home, office, gym, and more;
  • Whenever a driver cancelled a ride, Grab will give 30 Grab Rewards points to passengers who got cancelled on within 24 hours;
  • To avoid cancelling your ride, Grab users can now change their destination even while in transit. The fare will also adjust;
  • Grab has introduced its Lost and Found feature to help commuters contact their recent driver, and recover the item left in the car;
  • To discipline passengers, the ride-hailing firm unveiled its passenger time-out, where consumers who have excessive cancellations will be temporarily banned;

Note - Consumers might be banned for more than 23 hours upon reaching the following cancellation limit:

  1. Maximum of two (2) cancellations per Grab service within 1 hour
  2. Maximum of three 3 cancellations per Grab service within 24 hour
  3. Maximum of five (5) cancellations per Grab service within 7 days

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  • On Grab Express, consumers can now enjoy the multi-stop delivery feature, allowing them to send deliveries in five different recipients, and location using one transaction or rider;
  • Meanwhile, social sellers and micro-entrepreneurs can now send a maximum of 10 parcels using different delivery partners simultaneously through Multiple Concurrent Bookings feature.

Are you a Grab user? What can you say about these new features?

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