Viber's Dark Mode Now Available on Android

Ciara Alarcon
Viber has rolled out its Dark Mode feature on Android, and unlike on Messenger, you don’t have to send a moon emoji to your friends to enjoy this theme!

Viber's Dark Mode Now Available on Android
Viber's Dark Mode Now Available on Android

To enable Viber's dark mode, users simply have to follow these instructions:
  • Choose “More” on the lower right portion of its main display;
  • Click Settings;
  • Select Appearance;
  • And turn on the Dark Mode option.

Easy and not confusing, isn’t it?

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Viber explained that this feature allows users to save battery, and protect their eyes. However, we noticed that the interface isn’t as dark as what we have on Messenger. It’s kinda greyish – similar to Twitter’s Night mode.

Meanwhile, the feature isn’t available on iOS yet, but Viber revealed that there are two weeks left before the launch of its Dark Mode on iOS.

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