27,000 Angkas Bikers Prepare for DOTr-approved Pilot Run

Ciara Alarcon
Angkas – the country’s first app-based motorcycle taxi – revealed that its 27,000 biker-partners are currently under retraining program to prepare for the government-approved pilot run.

27,000 Angkas Bikers Prepare for DOTr-approved Pilot Run
27,000 Angkas Bikers Prepare for DOTr-approved Pilot Run

In case you missed it, the motorcycle ride-hailing service will be having its six-month pilot run in Metro Manila and Metro Cebu with additional safety measures in place. With this, the company announced that they are retraining their current bikers in compliance with the directive and recommendations of the Technical Working Group (TWG), which was led by the Department of Transportation (DOTr).

“The safety of the riding public has always been Angkas’ advocacy. All our biker-partners go through rigorous riding skills assessments, written tests, and extensive safety training to ensure they meet very high safety standards. We fail over 70% of applications to make sure that only the most capable bikers ferry passengers for Angkas,” George Royeca, Angkas Head of Regulatory and Public Affairs, addressed.

Angkas Vest
Angkas Vest

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Angkas also introduced its special reflectorized vests with side straps. This will help bikers to become more visible at night, and aid passengers in holding on to the biker’s waist. Moreover, the vest will also have the biker’s unique ID number, which will allow passengers to ensure that only registered bikers can take bookings.

Meanwhile, Angkas hopes that the law to regulate motorcycle taxis can already be passed after the six-month pilot run.

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