Manage Your Online Shopping Website with Xpanse

Ciara Alarcon
Do you want to start an online business? If you want a smooth experience, then, make your journey more convenient with Xpanse!

Manage Your Online Shopping Website with Xpanse
Manage Your Online Shopping Website with Xpanse

Launching your own online business is easy at first. Initially, all you have to do is get a couple of orders, call a courier, and deliver the package to your customer. However, when your brand starts to grow, your company will begin receiving almost up to 50 orders – and managing it won’t be handy anymore.

This is the problem Xpanse CEO Josh Supan encountered and managed to solve. To maintain its online shopping website, he conceptualized a system to make this possible.

“I love retail and the economics of it all. There’s art in how retail makes money flow. When the modern version of retail (e-commerce) emerged in the Philippines, that was immediately the space I wanted to be in.” Supan explained. “I really just want to simplify the last mile experience for business owners” he added. 

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Supan’s business partner, David Marquez, then took that idea and developed it into Noah – whose name is inspired by the Bible figure tasked with delivering the most important package.

Noah is an automated shipping platform that will be integrated to one’s website. This will automatically manage your order up until last mile logistics. In short, it processes your orders, contacts the courier, and has it automatically delivered.

What can you say? For more information, you can visit or follow their official social media account @xpanseph.

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