Slay More Enemies In 'Mobile Legends: Bang Bang' Sequel Soon

Clarke Velasco
Calling all enthusiasts of the massive hit game "Mobile Legends: Bang Bang" and casual gamers alike! Get ready for another offering that could keep you on your phones longer than you already do.

Slay More Enemies In 'Mobile Legends: Bang Bang' Sequel Soon
Slay More Enemies In 'Mobile Legends: Bang Bang' Sequel Soon

, the game developer behind the highly addictive multiplayer online battle arena, teased the release of the game's sequel titled "Mobile Legends: Adventure."

Mobile Legends: Adventure is a unique idle strategy game that combines adventure and an extensive world map that players can explore and discover using "Mobile Legends: Bang Bang" heroes.

Same Heroes, Different Game Style
Same Heroes, Different Game Style

The developer said this game is more relaxed, so you will get to see familiar characters like Tigreal, Miya, and Layla, among others, in a different setting.

The game also boasts of shorter playing times and will continue to run even when it’s offline.

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There are multiple game modes to choose from including the main adventure campaign, arena mode, Labyrinth, Tower of Babel, and so much more. Players can even create a guild with their friends and team up to take down a guild boss together.

We know how much Filipinos love ML as proven by the game's continued success here in the Philippines. This is why we are excited to share with them this new offering,” Hanqing Mei, Moonton Marketing Manager. “As the official sequel to Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, Mobile Legends: Adventure offers an expanded and unique experience with the heroes, fans know and love. This is the perfect game to play in order to just chill and relax after an intense ranked game. This is a game anyone who is into mobile games would not want to miss!” he adds. 

"Mobile Legends: Adventure" will be available for both iPhone and Android users by end of July.

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