OLX Philippines Moves to Carousell

Ciara Alarcon
OLX Philippines officially announced its move to merge with the buy and sell platform, Carousell, starting July 15, 2019.

OLX Philippines Moves to Carousell
OLX Philippines Moves to Carousell

In case you missed it, OLX local business was acquired by Carousell. With this deal, General Manager of OLX Philippines Raffy Montemayor will lead Carousell’s operations in the Philippines. Montemayor will also lead the transition.

OLX explained that OLX users can fully enjoy the platform until July 9. However, beginning July 10 to July 14, the company will be migrating accounts to Carousell, and as a result, OLX can only be used for buyer inquiries and account checking.

Then, starting July 15, OLX will merge with Carousell to form a single platform under carousell.ph. Hence, those who will access olx.ph will be automatically redirected to carousell.ph.

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“Starting June 17 we will prompt you to provide your consent to move your OLX account and all the information connected to your account, to the Carousell platform. With your permission we will transfer your user account details and ad listings to your existing (if available) Carousell account or a new Carousell account on July 15. Kindly note that chat history and payment transactions will not be included in the items we will migrate,” OLX noted.

Meanwhile, those who will not migrate their OLX account to carousell.ph will be deactivated on July 15. Their OLX Gold and ad listings will no longer be available, too.

For more details, visit this link.

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