Top Ways To Make Old Smartphone Useful Again

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Recently, we gave you 5 Reasons Not To Buy A New Smartphone, and we genuinely believe that it will help you save your precious hard-earned money. However, we also know that there will be a time wherein you will have to upgrade your smartphone for whatever reason you have. And, if your old phone is still functional, you might ask yourself - how can you make use of it? Believe it or not, there are a lot of ways to make your old device useful.

Top Ways To Make Old Smartphone Useful Again
Top Ways To Make Old Smartphone Useful Again

Let's make good use of our investments, shall we? From alarm clocks to a GPS navigator, your smartphone's sensors and functionality can surprise you with their alternate usage. Read up and learn a few tricks for your old smartphone.

10 Uses for Old Smartphones

1. Alarm Clock - If your old smartphone has a reasonably loud speaker, then why not use it as a smart alarm clock. Better yet, why not connect it to a speaker to amplify the sound? There are lots of alarm clock app/interface available for download, get whatever suits your taste.

2. Designated Music Player - If you have a media center at home or even just a simple speaker setup, then using your old phone as a designated music player is a great choice. The availability of music streaming services will easily set the mood in your home.

3. Simple Security Camera - If you want to have a surveillance camera in your room, but do not want to cop out money for proper cameras, then your device can do the trick for you. There are tons of motion-detecting camera apps available that you can download on your phone. Once the app detects a hint of movement (even shadows), it will start recording right away. You can also use it as a temporary dash cam if you want.

4. Better Car Computer - Most cars do have computers in them, but they lack certain aspects that smartphones can supply. You can have a better multimedia hub in your car. There is also a better GPS navigation available, which, with the virtual assistant smartphones have nowadays, can even suggest you place if ever you need that function.

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5. A Digital Photo Frame - How about making your home decorations a bit more high end? You can use your smartphones as digital photo frames so that you can program a slideshow that shows your guests multiple photos that can tell a story.

6. Universal Remote Controller - We all experienced losing our precious TV remote. It's frustrating before, and it still is to this day. If your old phone has IR Blaster, it can definitely control lots of home appliances. If none, you can still use your old smartphone as a universal remote. Just downloading a simple app can turn your smartphone into a remote for your TV, computer, set-top box, etc.

7. A Full-Time Video Conference Machine - If you use video calling apps like Skype or Duo by Google, then using your phone as a video conference is a great idea. Just dock it on your desk in your office and voila! You are always ready for a video call.

8. Gaming Hub - You can conserve your battery life on your main device if you do your gaming on your older device. If your older phone is powerful enough, then you won't have to worry if it can run high spec games. Game on, my friend!

9. E-Book Reader - Store all the e-books and comic books you want in your old device and turn it into a dedicated e-book reader. It will be organized too since your e-books will not be mixed with other documents. Furthermore, you can just leave it on a coffee table at home for others to enjoy.

10. Hand it down - If you have a younger sibling or a kid, then hand them your old device given that it is still in great condition. It can be their startup device while they save up for a better one.

11. Sell or Trade - If the 10 reasons above won't be enough to keep your old phone, then it is time to make some money out of it. You can trade it up or sell it, just be sure you honestly tell the buyer its condition, and you priced it right!

Reusing your old smartphones can save you a lot of money and even help conserve the environment. Year after year the amount of electronic waste is increasing, so if you start saving your device and extending its life then it can be the start of something better.

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