Top Tips To Protect Yourself From Phone Scams

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We have all experienced phone scams in more forms than one. Whether it is you winning Php950,000 from a raffle you never joined to begin with or to random numbers saying that it's your aunt or uncle from abroad, we have all been there. How can you protect yourself from these kinds of scams?

Top Tips To Protect Yourself From Phone Scams
Top Tips To Protect Yourself From Phone Scams

We have devised a few tips so that you can avoid being a victim of these hoodlums.

How To Protect Yourself From Phone Scams

1. Don't be greedy - Php950,000 is a huge amount of money, to win it, without joining any form of raffle or competition is a miracle. However, that is too good to be true and it will never be true. However, we can all agree that at desperate times, we will accept all the help that we can get. Just don't be too quick to agree on any form of payment that they will ask whether it be in the form of cash or load. No competition will ask you for money just for you to claim your price.

2. Confirm The Situation - You will receive a text from an unknown number saying that your son got into an accident and cannot text you so he asked someone else to do so. Before you panic, confirm if your son is OK by calling his number. Do not send any form of cash or prepaid credits. Nothing. These scammers feasts on panicky peeps so beware.

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3. Ask Questions - Scammers like working quickly. They avoid all sorts of questions and rush you to do what they want. If they say that they claim to be a part of your family, then you must ask questions that can conform if they really are who they claim to be. 100% of the time they will avoid answering straight up and try to tell you off for asking too many questions.

4. Raise Awareness - You also need to educate your family members and friends so that they are safe from scammers as well. A good start is to give them your number so that they can confirm information if someone claiming to be you. These include even your maids and family drivers. Most of the time, scammers target these individuals because they panic and are not aware of these types of M.O.

These tips are basic but effective. These cover most of the essential preparation to help you protect yourself, family and friends against these opportunistic scammers.

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