Ecooter E2 Lands in PH, Priced

Ciara Alarcon
Ecooter has brought its new electric scooter line to the Philippine market – the Ecooter E2, which is composed of the E2L and E2R.

Ecooter E2 Lands in PH, Priced
Ecooter E2 Lands in PH, Priced

First, let’s talk about the Ecooter E2L. Although it comes with toned-down specs, the E2L still offers attractive features. It is equipped with 2,500W power, and can hit 75kph top speed and 80km travel distance on a single charge.

Ecooter E2L Specs:

  • Power: 2,500W
  • Torque: 32/105Nm
  • Top Speed: 75kph
  • Battery: 64V 20Ah, 2 slots
  • Time of Charging: 2.5 Hours
  • Travel Distance: 80km
  • Price: Php95,000
  • Battery Price: Php50,000

Ecooter E2 Launch
Ecooter E2 Launch

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Meanwhile, the Ecooter E2R boasts more powerful specs, making it a better road companion. It sports 4,200W power, and can deliver 90kph top speed and 140km travel distance on a single charge.

Ecooter E2R Specs:

  • Power: 4,200W
  • Torque: 50/165Nm
  • Top Speed: 90kph
  • Battery: 64V 40Ah, 2 slots
  • Time of Charging: 5 Hours
  • Travel Distance: 140km
  • Price: Php190,000
  • Battery Price: Php65,000

Other notable features of the series include its customizable dashboard, GPS tracking, smart key, and intelligent system through the app.

The Ecooter E2L and E2R are priced at Php95,000 and Php190,000, respectively. Both e-scooters are now available at Ecooter located at 6th Ave Caloocan City, and other stores at CSP Building, and EDSA Mandaluyong.

So, are you getting one?

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