Grab Launches Assistance Programs, Intros GrabCare Package

Ciara Alarcon
Grab recently launched its new assistance programs dubbed as GrabCare Package, which eyes to elevate their service aimed for Grab driver-partners.

Grab Launches Assistance Programs, Intros GrabCare Package
Grab Launches Assistance Programs, Intros GrabCare Package

GrabCare package features seven assistance programs, including Calamity Assistance, Emergency Top-up, Passenger Left Mess, Hospital Assistance, Burial Assistance, Car Damaged by Passenger, and Educational Assistance for Scholars.

  • Calamity Assistance
Grab explained that this program aims to help its partners affected by disasters such as fire, floods, hurricanes, or earthquakes. This covers damaged vehicle in transit or not; damaged property includes the house, or any equipment damaged by a storm or earthquake; and injury to driver and immediate family members.

  • Hospital Assistance
This program, on the other hand, would aid Grab driver-partners or any of their immediate family members who need medical assistance or hospitalized.

  • Emergency Top-up
During emergencies, Grab ensures its driver-partners that can borrow a top-up, and it will only be deducted from their cash wallet. However, the company highlighted that they can only request for an emergency top-up when there is a storm or any disaster.

  • Passenger Left Mess
For this program, driver-partners only have to keep their receipt to reimburse the amount they spent for cleaning their car.

GrabCare Package
GrabCare Package

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  • Car Damaged by Passenger
Grab determined example of damaged vehicles. These include rubbing, broken door, damaged flooring for passenger use, and broken window.

  • Burial Assistance
The purpose of this program is to help the families left behind partner-drivers.

  • Educational Assistance for Scholars
Grab claimed that it is ready to help their driver-partner’s child through school.

Who is eligible for the GrabCare Package?

These assistance programs are for Grab Careers who travel for at least 30 days. It is exclusive to GrabCar driver-partners (all cities), Grabtaxi (Manila), Grab Express and GrabFood delivery-partners (Manila), and GrabTrike driver-partners (Pampanga).

Meanwhile, Grab explained that Car Damaged by Passenger and Passenger Left Mess are only applicable for GrabCar and GrabTaxi drivers. Hence, the two programs are not applicable for GrabFood and GrabExpress riders.

What can you say? Big help, isn’t it? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below!

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