OPPO Overtakes Apple in Q2 2019 Global Smartphone Shipments

Ciara Alarcon
HIS Markit – a smartphone research firm – has revealed the current status of global smartphone shipments for Q2 2019.

OPPO Overtakes Apple in Q2 2019 Global Smartphone Shipments
OPPO Overtakes Apple in Q2 2019 Global Smartphone Shipments

According to preliminary data from the HIS Markit Smartphone Intelligence Service, phone shipments declined to 331.2 million units in Q2 2019 – meaning, it is down 3.6% from the same period last year. Almost all mobile brands were also experiencing this losing streak, in fact, only four companies have recorded year-over-year growth during the quarter, namely Samsung, Huawei, OPPO, and TCL Alcatel.

While Samsung still dominates the market, its rival Apple couldn’t hold onto the third spot, as it fell behind OPPO. Apple only shipped 35.3 million iPhones in Q2 2019, down 14.6% from 41.3 million units last year. HIS Markit, on the other hand, explained that the company faces to key challenges such as “super premium pricing for its latest models, and insufficient price elasticity in its older models to drive significant additional shipments of two-to-three-year-old devices.”

HIS Markit Report
HIS Markit Report

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Meanwhile, OPPO recorded 13% growth to 36.2 million units, or up from 31.9 million units during the same period last year.

The top 10 mobile vendors in terms of global smartphone shipments in Q2 2019 are Samsung, Huawei, OPPO, Apple, Xiaomi, Vivo, LG, Motorola, Tecno, and TCL-Alcatel.

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