LG Shares the Good Life with Shelter of Hope

Ciara Alarcon
Around November of 2019, LG Philippines has pledged to donate a portion of their sales to Shelter of Hope/Silungan ng Pag-Asa, the temporary home of cancer-stricken kids from provinces, as part of their #ShareTheGoodLifeWithLG Campaign. True to their words, LG has officially turnover more than Php1 million worth of home appliances and home entertainment to the said institution.

LG Shares the Good Life with Shelter of Hope
LG Shares the Good Life with Shelter of Hope

LG introduced its #ShareTheGoodLifeWithLG campaign during the holidays late last year, wherein they also showcased the holiday film headliner, Klaus, using LG’s award-winning OLED TVs.

LG Celebrates Christmas with #ShareTheGoodLifeWithLG Campaign
LG Celebrates Christmas with #ShareTheGoodLifeWithLG Campaign

Present during the turnover ceremony are #TeamLG headed by Inkwun Heo, LG's Managing Director, and Pastor Junie AntiƱero of Shelter of Hope.

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“It is our privilege to be partners with Shelter of Hope. The bravery and strength of these children is something we can all look up to. To be able to give them happiness, no matter how small, is a goal that we constantly work towards for.” Mr. Heo said.
Pastor Junie gamely accepted LG’s gift. “We are deeply grateful of LG’s unwavering support for our cause. I, and more importantly the children, really appreciate it”.

The #ShareTheGoodLifewithLG is one of the many ways of LG giving back to the community. For more info, visit lg.com/ph.

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