Leave It to the LG NanoCell Series to Bring You Immersive Sports Action Right at Your Home

Clarke Velasco
If you’re an avid sports fan, you probably miss watching live games and cheering for your favorite teams and players -- something that the pandemic has prohibited for months. With quarantine restrictions slowly easing across various countries globally, some sporting events have started to resume with all safety measures considered. While this is a welcome development, one cannot deny that the way sports events are shown to the public currently and with online audiences offer a different experience to both the athletes and the fans.

Leave It to the LG NanoCell Series to Bring You Immersive Sports Action Right at Your Home
Leave It to the LG NanoCell Series to Bring You Immersive Sports Action Right at Your Home

Addressing this, LG Electronics, being one of the leading global innovators, banks on its NanoCell Pure Color technology, which produces accurate, lifelike color which allows users to experience live action by viewing their favorite games and sports events at home. With the LG NanoCell Pure Color technology, LG’s premium television line is designed to showcase vivid and accurate hues, plus deeper blacks, greater contrast, and enhanced details.

LG also has its Nano Accuracy technology, which ensures that picture quality isn’t compromised even when viewed from different angles. This feature is capable of finding the closest color to its original image as it has more color points to use in its library.

On top of all of these, LG’s NanoCell TV also runs on next-generation artificial intelligence. With the α9 Gen3 AI Processor 8K, this television utilizes deep-learning algorithms to analyze on-screen content to deliver a more immersive viewing experience complemented with improved picture and sound. With AI, the LG NanoCell TV can also adapt to the user's viewing habits and takes note of all the adjustments and tweaks made on the TV’s settings.

LG has also made the LG NanoCell TV to be gaming-compatible with its Variable Refresh Rates and HGiG tone-mapping feature, which delivers higher picture quality with less tearing and screen lags.

Discover more about LG’s line of 8K NanoCell televisions through www.lg.com/ph. Get yours now through LG Philippines’ LazMall store at https://bit.ly/lgofficialstoreph and other authorized sellers and dealers nationwide.

LG Leads Foray Into 8K Television Technology (8/1/2020)

Televisions made by LG Electronics reached a new milestone as the first in the world to pass strict requirements by the Consumer Technology Association for the new generation of 8K Ultra HD products and services.

LG Leads Foray Into 8K Television Technology
LG Leads Foray Into 8K Television Technology

The company debuts its Real 8K TVs at the Consumer Electronics Show 2020, the first displays to exceed CTA’s specific requirements, including those related to resolution, digital inputs, high dynamic range, upscaling, bit depth, and measurement methodology.

The 8k technology will deliver four times more detail than 4K TV and 16 times more than HDTV. The official industry 8K Ultra HD designation and logo were developed by the U.S.-based CTA to set a clear definition for retailers and consumers to better identify products that meet key 8K Ultra HD requirements.

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Starting this month, every LG 8K TV will display CTA’s 8K UHD logo. New 2020 models build on LG’s leadership position as the only manufacturer offering Real 8K TVs in two categories – OLED (LG SIGNATURE OLED 8K) and LCD (LG 8K NanoCell TV) – all delivering CM values in the 90% range, while some other models in the industry remain in the low double digits.

Third-party testing by the global product testing and certification organization Intertek verified that the 75-inch LG NanoCell 8K TV far surpasses the CM measurement requirement set by ICDM, with the unit returning an impressive 90 percent CM horizontally and 91 percent CM vertically. Another leading international testing firm, VDE (Verband Deutscher Elektrotechniker), reported nearly identical CM results.

“CTA is the consumer technology industry authority, and LG’s use of the CTA 8K UHD logo communicates a clear message to consumers that a Real 8K TV from LG will deliver the viewing experience they expect,” said Nam Ho-jun, senior vice president of R&D at LG’s Home Entertainment Company. “We expect LG’s 2020 8K TV lineup to set a new standard for the TV industry.”

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