LG XBOOM RL4: A Worthy Addition

Marella Santos

Joining the LG XBOOM GO PK5 and the LG XBOOM RK7 in the South Korean tech giant’s latest lineup of speakers, the LG XBOOM RL4 is indeed a must-have for home theater enthusiasts. Our team spent some time listening to tunes using this speaker, and this is what we have to say.

LG XBOOM RL4: A Worthy Addition
LG XBOOM RL4: A Worthy Addition


The LG XBOOM RL4’s form factor is reminiscent of the design of the LG XBOOM RK7, the only difference is that the former is the compact version. But its size didn’t compromise the powerful sound it can produce, thanks to its two-channel, 150-watt amplifier.

LG XBOOM RL4 Back View
Back View

Under LG Philippines' official website, the LG XBOOM RL4 falls under the Home Audio category, but we deem this speaker more of a party box, similar to the LG XBOOM RK7. It comes with lighting effects to add more fun to a party, and what makes it more interesting is that it changes based on the beat of a song you’re listening to. Adding versatility to its characteristics, LG has designed it in such a way that it can be used either horizontally or vertically while maintaining that superior sound and easy access to its ports and buttons.


Speaking of which, the LG XBOOM RL4 has generous control buttons, including the standard ones, plus buttons for its key features like the Auto DJ button, User Equalizer/Demo Button, Sound Effect/Bass Blast Button, and the Lighting Button. On its rear part sits ports for AUX-in and AUX-out, USB, and microphone jack.

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And since the LG XBOOM RL4 is poised as a lighter, more portable version of the LG XBOOM RK7, its design is accentuated with an X grip on the sides for easy handling.


The LG XBOOM RL4 lives to the reputation of LG speakers. To further put it to test, we played several tracks, including The Knack’s My Sharona, Santana’s Smooth, and The Eagles Hotel California. The LG XBOOM RL4 exuded outstanding tunes, and it fared well on playing loud bass and maintained a very unique separation of vocals and instruments. It also allowed us to choose different modes of music through its equalizer, which has options for pop, rock, bass blast, standard, classic, and jazz.

LG XBOOM RL4 Controls and Display
Controls and Display

Aside from being a decent Bluetooth speaker, the LG XBOOM RL4 can also be used in a Karaoke setup. We also tried changing our voices using the speaker's different vocal effects, which include fun ones like Helium and Robot.

Among its interesting features also include its DJ mode, which one can only use if they’re Android users. With this, one can live their dream of becoming a DJ since using the DJ App, users can tweak music using DJ functions like flanger, phaser, wah, and delay.

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And to further augment the use of the LG XBOOM RL4, you can either connect it to another LG XBOOM RL4 speaker to double up its capabilities or connect it to your television.


LG XBOOM RL4 Front View with Lights

The LG XBOOM RL4 is an apt choice for people who’d want to have that powerful performance of the LG XBOOM RK7 but without taking large space. Locally, the LG XBOOM RL4 retails for Php11,990.

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