A Quick Guide on How to be a Move It Rider

Marella Santos
Apart from JoyRide PH, another firm to enter the ride-hailing industry is Move It, which is set to challenge not just Angkas, but also the services provided by Grab. Why you ask? It’s because apart from offering back rides, MoveIt offers a wide range of services including deliveries, car rides, food deliveries, grocery shopping, dog grooming, car wash, and house cleaning services where users can ask for maids, plumbers, electricians, house painters, mechanics, and many more. For this article, we’ll focus on giving you a simple yet comprehensive guide on how to be a MoveIt rider or driver.

A Quick Guide on How to be a Move It Rider
A Quick Guide on How to be a Move It Rider

What and who is Move It Philippines?

Similar to JoyRide, Move It is one of the companies that are set to be operational on December 23, as part of the government’s extended pilot implementation for motorcycle taxis. Its local office is situated in Pasig City. There isn’t that much info on when the company originally started as well as its company size plus the riders, but according to the MoveIt Philippines website, “initially available for booking are parcel pick-up and delivery services within Metro Manila and its adjacent towns. Other popular services like food delivery, huge parcel delivery, motorcycle, and car ride-hailing, and a host of other on-demand services shall be activated in due time.”

The apps of MoveIt Philippines available for download on the Google Play Store include the Move It Driver/Provider for the riders and the company’s partner stores and merchants, and the Move It Now app for the users.

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The Move It Driver and Provider App have all the usual stuff for a ride-hailing app, plus an app section where riders can select and manage their work timeslot depending on their schedule and availability. Within the selected time only the riders can get bookings for back rides and deliveries.

For the Move It Now app for users, registration is as easy as a few steps. Upon prompting the app after download, users will be asked to select the language and the type of currency to be used. Since we’re in the Philippines, the options to be chosen are English or Filipino and PHP. Other options include Bahasa, Indonesia, Burmese, Khmer, Lao, Malay, Mandarin, Melayu, Thai, and Vietnamese, and their respective currency counterparts, which implies that MoveIt is operational in these countries as well.

For registration, users will be asked to input their name, email, password, mobile number, and a referral or invite code if there’s any. Once done with this, users can proceed with booking MoveIt services through the app.

How Can One be a MoveIt Rider?

Application as a MoveIt Rider through the website: https://www.moveitphilippines.com.ph under the Be A Driver Tab.

Step 1: Fill out the Driver’s Registration Form.

On the form, here are the needed details:

- Applicant’s Name
- Nickname
- Marital Status
- Gender
- Age
- Birthday
- Place of Birth
- Blood Type
- Medical Conditions (if the rider is: hypertensive, diabetic, asthmatic, or epileptic)
- Allergens/Allergic Reactions
- Mobile Number
- Email Address
- SSS number
- Phone IMEI Number 1
- Phone IMEI Number 2
- GCash Number (if the rider has one)
- GCash Mastercard Number (if applicable)
- Current Address
- Permanent Address
- Current Occupation and Name of Company (if any)
- Availability for MoveIt (if full-time or part-time)
- Driver’s License
- Driver’s License Number
- Driver’s License Expiry Date
- Type of Vehicle, Brand, and Model
- Plate Number
- Engine Displacement
- Year Model
- Color
- Engine Number
- Chassis Number
- Certificate of Registration Number
- Date Registered
- Registration Expiry Date
- Official Receipt Number
- Motorbike Group Affiliation
- Emergency Contact Person
- Mobile Number

Move It Philippines Services
Move It Philippines Services

And since as mentioned, MoveIt has a lot of services to offer, riders will also ask if they have know-how on being an auto mechanic, plumber, electrician, carpenter, house painter, barber, gardener, pool cleaner, locksmith, beautician, massage therapist, and dog groomer.

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Step 2:

After completing the needed details on the application form and submitting the form rider-applicants will be asked to download the MoveIt app for drivers and merchants either from the Google Play Store for Android users at http://bit.ly/RiderMoveItAndroid and the Apple App Store for iOS users at http://bit.ly/MoveItRiderIOS

Step 3:

Once the app has been downloaded, applicants will need to register on the app and provide the following through the app:

- NBI clearance
- Police or Baranggay Clearance
- Professional Driver’s License
- OR/CR of the vehicle under your name
- Picture of the vehicle (front, back, sides)
- A solo selfie

Once all the requirements are submitted, the application will be processed.

Step 4:

Once you received a notification from Move It Philippines, you need to visit their office located at 1702 Centerpoint Building, Julia Vargas Ave., Ortigas Business Center, Pasig City every Tuesdays to Saturdays from 8AM to 1PM for orientation and seminar. Take note also that you need to bring all the original documents you uploaded for verification purposes. Moreover, all documents must be valid and not yet expired.

For more information, visit their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/moveitphil/, email them at info@moveitphilippines.com.ph, and or call them at +63 2 82926265

Easy, right? Are you looking forward to being a MoveIt rider or have already applied? Let us know in the comments below!

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